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PUBLISHED: 2/6/2015

EXTRUSION: Get Components ‘Super’ Clean

No cleaning agents are required and combustion reportedly does not occur in the vacuum during the cleaning process

PUBLISHED: 2/6/2015

EXTRUSION: Throughput-Boosting Coolant

Also said to minimize corrosion and clogging.

PUBLISHED: 2/6/2015

EXTRUSION: Scrap-Reducing Air Rings

Unit said to reduce start-up scrap and starting 2-sigma gauge variation by 80%.

PUBLISHED: 2/6/2015

EXTRUSION: Stack Can Handle Very Thin PET Sheet

Specialized equipment no longer needed for this application.

PUBLISHED: 2/6/2015

EXTRUSION: Integrated Roller Design

New design approach reportedly results in more reliable heat-transfer rollers for film and sheet processors.

PUBLISHED: 1/19/2015

PULTRUSION: Preheater Speeds Up Production Rates

Preheater speeds up pultrusion of thick shapes by three to five times.

PUBLISHED: 1/13/2015

EXTRUSION: ‘Universal’ Winder for Geomembrane, Ag Films

Center-turret type has two winding modes.

PUBLISHED: 1/13/2015

EXTRUSION: Specialty Film Solutions Highlighted at NPE

Included are systems for solar and capacitor films.

PUBLISHED: 1/13/2015

EXTRUSION: First Four-Axis, 12-mm Diameter And Ovality Gauge for Tubing

Touts higher accuracy than two- and three axis gauges.

PUBLISHED: 1/13/2015

EXTRUSION: Simple, Economical Temperature Controller

Easy to operate unit is a time saver, offers flexibililty.

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