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June 2015

Close-Up on Technology

Global Processors Establishing U.S. Footprint
Two major international processors establish plants in central Pennsylvania to serve the U.S. market.

Permanent Decoration for Polyolefin Injection Molded Parts
Low surface energy of nonpolar plastics like PE and PP has made them a challenge to decorate, but a new technology seeks to change that.

Tiebarless Training Comes to Tennessee
Automotive is booming in the state, and students are being prepared for jobs in molding.

Wittmann Battenfeld Previews New Technologies For Composites & Cell Integration
Open house in Austria offered a vision of a future with controls linking injection machines to a wide range of auxiliaries. Wittmann also signaled its debut in composite organosheet overmolding—with an added twist.

Processor's Edge

Switch to Bioplastic Helps Molder ‘Go Green’
Labcon opts for surgarcane-derived HDPE to make its packaging more earth-friendly.

Know How

EXTRUSION: Cooling: The Critical Function in Extrusion
Figuring out how much cooling your process needs is complicated. But there are ways to approximate.

INJECTION MOLDING: How to Specify an Injection Molding Machine
With the market percolating, more molders are looking at new presses. This series will discuss what you should consider before writing a check, beginning with the clamping unit.

MATERIALS: The Problems with Single-Point Data
Properties are generally provided at a single temperature on a data sheet. But do those properties stay the same with changing temperatures? Of course not.

TOOLING: Venting: Where And How Deep?
After last month’s introduction to the subject, let’s get into the details on vent depths, land lengths, and the alternatives to perimeter venting.

Processor's Business Index

Processing Market Flattens
Processing has grown significantly since the beginning of 2014, but April dipped 11% on a year-to-year basis.


Bag ‘Commander’ Brings Innovation And Service to Can-Liner Aisle
Aluf is a huge supplier of industrial and consumer can liners that—despite its size—is fast, flexible, and customer responsive.

BLOW MOLDING AT NPE: Wide Spectrum of New Packaging & Industrial Machines
Several new wheels, a reciprocating-screw system for industrial parts, and a host of new PET machines debuted in Orlando.

CT Scanning Gives Precision Molder X-Ray Vision of Part Quality
It beats other techniques for measuring critical part dimensions, and it provides unique visibility inside parts, nondestructively. One molder’s experience illustrates the benefits.

EXTRUSION AND COMPOUNDING AT NPE: Flexibility, Speed, Quality Rule the Day
Extrusion processors need more—of everything—to compete. And suppliers responded in force in Orlando.

INJECTION MOLDING AT NPE: Presses, Robots & Cell Automation
Everything molders need to compete in markets from automotive to medical was on display in Orlando. Besides a huge number of new machine models, there was emphasis on cell integration and automation.

Keep Your Screen Changer In the Flow
The screen changer plays an essential role in generating quality extrudate. Here’s what you need to know to keep it functioning properly.

RECYCLING AT NPE: Three Es Starred
Recycling machinery suppliers focused on environmental, economical, and energy-saving.

THERMOFORMING AT NPE: Formers & Trim Presses Get A Comprehensive Makeover
Operating efficiency, flexibility, and fast changeovers were the big themes in new equipment at the show.

Keeping Up With Technology

COMPOUNDING: Two-Stage System Packs Power in Smaller Footprint
Designed for heat- and shear-sensitive materials.

CONTROLS & DRIVES: Slew of Control Packages For All Processors
Five products debut at NPE.

EXTRUSION: Screen Changers Furnished With High-Temp Seals
Said to provide reliable leak-proof melt filtration at higher temperatures and pressures and substantially lower viscosities.

MATERIALS: Fluorosilicone Rubber Compounds With Higher Heat Resistance
Dow Corning's new Silastic FSR elastomer technology is aimed at extreme high-temperature automotive applications.

MATERIALS: High-Performance PLA For Durables Rival ABS
NatureWorks' new ABS replacement formulations are indicative of the continued evolution of Ingeo PLA resins.

MATERIALS: PVC Cable Compounds With Higher Flame Retardance, Lower Shrinkage
Teknor's new additions to its line of halogen-free flame retardant cable compounds have better FR performance and low post-extrusion shrinkage.

TESTING: Inkjet Micro Printers For Electronics, Cable
Two new micro printers offer enhanced capabilities for quality printing on electronic and cable components/

TOOLING: New Sensors Extend Range Of Core-Pull Systems
Low-profile proximity and high-temperature sensors added to line.

Resin Prices

PE, PS, PVC Prices Up, PP Down
The pricing trajectory has been upwards for three of the four commodity resins, though it may be slowing for two.


Transplants: More Evidence of Processing’s Resurgence in U.S.
While reshoring continues, another trend is emerging: Global processors setting up shop in America.

Market Watch

Construction to See Moderate Growth
Plastics part production for commercial and residential construction should remain solid through 2015.

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