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November 2014

Close-Up on Technology

Long-Fiber Thermoplastics Grab Attention At Automotive Composites Conference
LFT looks promising in automotive, with lightweighting, balanced stiffness and toughness, and processing advances as key attractions.

Touch-Sensitive Control Surfaces: The Next Thing in Medical Technology?
Cost savings and cleanability are moving overmolded capacitive-sensing films from automotive consoles into medical equipment.

Unilever, Alpla, MuCell Combine On New Bottle-Foaming Technology
Dove liquid soap bottles foamed using MuCell technology debut in Europe. U.S. launch is expected soon.

Processor's Edge

Color Compounder Enters Market with a Bang
To get noticed in the color masterbatch business—particularly in white—you’ve got to start big. That, and new technology, form the foundation for startup Neko Colors

Know How

EXTRUSION: Why Bother to Chrome Plate Your Screws?
It doesn’t add that much to the overall cost and can improve performance and facilitate maintenance. So the better question is: Why not?

INJECTION MOLDING: How to Tell If Your Non-Return Valve Is Leaking
Check valves are potentially troublesome devices. Here’s how to find out if yours is behaving properly.

MATERIALS: The Mystery of Physical Aging: Part 1
In polymers, aging is commonly considered essentially synonymous with oxidation. But there are important differences between this type of chemical aging and less commonly recognized physical aging. Let’s unlock the mystery.

TOOLING: Flash-Free Molding: Part Two
Parting-line maintenance, mold spotting, and machine conditions can all contribute to flash.

Starting Up

Advanced Hybrid TP Composite Molding for Aerospace
Overmolding PEEK onto PAEK laminate.

American Starlinger Sahm, Break Ground on North American HQ
plant will feature a machine showroom, a spare-parts warehouse, and office space for sales and technical support

APPLICATION: Newborn Hearing Screener Features New Opaque Copolyester
Eastman's new opaque copolyester replaces PC/ABS in newborn hearing screener housing.

APPLICATION: Two Materials Boost Sustainability Of Electrical Installations
Schneider Electric's new electrical installation boxes feature eco-conscious design enabled by two PolyOne materials.

MATERIALS: Newcomer Compounder To U.S. Expands
Just one year after establishing its sales company here, Lehmann & Voss has further expanded its portfolio through a recent acquisition.

Novatec Adds Gomez
Company seeks to expand position in pneumatic conveying and engineered systems.

PEEK Featured In New Line of Subsea Connectors
Victrex's PEEK is the overmolded insulating material in a new line of highly-efficient connectors for subsea and downhole applications.

PSI, Nordson Reach Out-of-Court Settlement on Patent Case
Patent infringement suit from 2012 resolved; PSI's CSC-BF Continuous Backflush Screen Changer design does not infringe.

RJG Strengthens U.K. Presence With G&A Acquisition
RJG is looking to build upon its regional presence adding G&A Moulding Technology in the U.K. to its existing office in Ireland.

Sheet Extruders Unite
Kydex, Allen combine to form Sekisui SPI

Shop Online For Static Mixers
Store helps processors quickly and easily select and purchase the proper static mixer for their specific application.

Swiss Thermoforming Machine Maker Sets Up U.S. Operations to Tap North American Market
A Swiss maker of complete thermoforming lines is taking another crack at the North American market, setting up sales, service and R&D in Wisconsin, with plans to exhibit at Pack Expo and NPE2015.

Tiger Stripe-Free PP, TPOs Featured on Citroen C4
The new Citroen C4 Cactus uses Borealis' tiger stripe-free PP and TPOs in both exterior and interior applications.

UBE Machinery establishes UBE de Mexico to Service the Mexican Market
Machine builder seeks to better serve growing market.

Updated: Taiwanese Molding Machine Manufacturer Accused of MuCell Patent Infringement
CLF's latest injection molding machine won a top innovation prize from Taipei Plas show organizers, but Trexel believes it violates its global microcellular foam patents.

World's Largest Most Advanced Recycling Development Center Open
Germany's Vecoplan receives rave reviews at the opening of what boasts to be the largest and most advanced center in recycling and reprocessing of waste and biomass.

Processor's Business Index

Slower Growth Continues
Still, business among processors has grown in 10 of the last 11 months.


Clearly a Contender
LSR Vies for New Applications in Automotive, Lighting, Healthcare, and More.

How Currier Puts the ‘Custom’ In Custom Blow Molding
The three key ingredients are responsiveness, full-service product development, and control over both the bottle and the cap.

NPE2015: The Right Show at the Right Time
In recent years, plastics trade shows in North America have sometimes been written off as out of fashion and in decline. But in around 140 days, a giant plastics trade show in Orlando seems likely to quash emphatically any notions of irrelevance for such industry events.

Optimizing Thin-Gauge Sheet for In-Line Thermoforming
Processing thin-gauge sheet for in-line thermoforming poses unique challenges. Here’s how to cope with them.

Your Options for Mold Venting
When should you use machined vents or porous, sintered metals? Here are some guidelines.

Keeping Up With Technology

ADDITIVES: Catalyst Acts As Compatibilizer For Dissimilar Polymers
Kenrich Petrochemical's titanium/mixed-metal catalyst masterbatch regenerates PCR to virgin-like properties and more.

ADDITIVES: Color Concentrates Add Toughness, Too
Impact-modified colorants for pails, trash cans, and chairs.

APPLICATION: Tiger-Stripe-Free PP, TPOs Featured On New Citroen C4
The Citroen C4 Cactus features Borealis' new tiger stripe-free PP in both exterior rocker panels and interior trims, central console and dashboard.

AUXILIARIES: Integrated Compounding Process For Plastics Recyclers
Starlinger's new extruder module makes it possible to recycle and compound in one process step,

AUXILIARIES: Mobile Cleanroom Air Filter for Injection Machines
It covers just the clamp area of the press--or a conveyor.

BLOW MOLDING: Temperature Probe for PET Preforms
Handheld probe measures internal preform temperature directly, ends guesswork.

BLOWN FILM: Foam Specific Layers In Coex Blown Film
Macro applies technology originally developed for cast to blown film.

INJECTION MOLDING: Added Flexibility in Sandwich Molding
It rotates 180 degrees to switch skin and core materials.

INJECTION MOLDING: Behemoth Press to Mold Huge Refuse Containers
Negri Bossi showcases 7000 m.t. press at recent open house.

INJECTION MOLDING: In-Cavity Sensors Hardened Against Wear
Pressure sensors resist abrasive fillers or corrosive melts.

INJECTION MOLDING: Large Servo-Hydraulic Machines Debut
Servo pumps drive presses of 1000 to 2500 tons.

INJECTION MOLDING: Servo-Driven Rotary Mold Table To Debut at NPE 2015
It's integrated into the moving platen of Athena's hybrid press.

INJECTION MOLDING: Two-Piece End Caps Save Molders Money
Now only the insert is made of expensive materials.

MATERIALS: Certified PEEK Stock Shapes For Petrochemical, Oil, Gas Use
Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products now offers first and largest portfolio of certified PEEK stock shapes for oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

MATERIALS: FR Nylon for Thin Walls With Good Heat Aging
Nylon 66/6 copolymer meets UL 94 V-0 at 0.4 mm.

MATERIALS: Medical-Grade TPUs With Flame Retardancy
Lubrizol's newest medical-grade TPUs are said to be the first of their kind offered with flame retardancy for medical electronics use.

MATERIALS: Polyketone Compounds Are Back
Discontinued engineering polymer reappears after 14 years.

MATERIALS: PP Purging Compound For Large Auto Parts
Sun Plastech's newest PP-based Compound for large automotive parts now available in North America.

MATERIALS: Recycle Content Nylon Compounds For Automotive And More
Teknor Apex is offering new injection molding nylon 6 and 66 compounds that combine economy and performance.

MATERIALS: Recycle-Content Nylon Compounds For Automotive, More
TeknorApex is offering new injection molding nylon 6 and 66 compounds that combine economy and performance.

MATERIALS: TPEs are Super Tough, Super Clear
They are oil-free and FDA compliant.

MATERIALS: TPV, TPE-S Compounds For Automotive Exterior Parts
Teknor Apex has launched a new TPV and two new SBC-based compounds for automotive window encapsulation and exterior appearance parts.

PRINTING/DECORATING: High-Quality Strap Printing at Modest Cost
Prints up to three colors in up to six lanes at 300 ft/min.

TESTING: Fully-Automated Water Vapor Transmission Rate Tester for Packaging
Mocon's new tester is said to be the first-ever, fully-automated WVTR unit for packaging and other barrier structures.

TESTING: Helium Leak Tester For Auto Battery Covers
Special shuttle machine tests two different large battery covers for electric cars.

TESTING: New Low-Cost Viscometer
Economical, continuous-sensing digital viscometer has a new look, too.

WELDING: Fast Servo Spin Welder For Small Parts
Runs at up to 7000 rpm and positions part halves within 1.0 degree.

Resin Prices

Prices of PE, PP Heading Up; PS, PVC Moving Down
Polyolefin prices were up as the fourth quarter rolled in, while PS and PVC prices were moving in the opposite direction.


Check Out the New
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Market Watch

Slower Growth Ahead for Appliances
Housing permits and residential construction spending have been decelerating for some time, and spending on appliances will likely follow suit.

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