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August 2015

Close-Up on Technology

Engel Shines Spotlight on Liquid Metal Molding
During its triennial symposium in Austria, the machine builder molded medical forceps parts from a novel liquid-metal alloy.

PETG Foam-Core Sheet Cushions Thermoformed Medical Packaging
New option is lighter, cleaner, tougher than HIPS at a comparable price.

Seven New Technologies Debut at W&H Open House
Among them at the two-day event in Germany is a new method to drastically reduce product-changeover times.

Processor's Edge

Processor ‘Ties’ Business To Railroad Infrastructure
IntegriCo Composites expands and adds new capabilities to produce compression molded railroad ties from recycled materials.

Know How

EXTRUSION: How to Adjust for Shrinkage and Orientation
Polymers shrink and orient. Sometimes orientation is unbalanced, resulting in misshaped parts. But there are steps beyond tweaking the die that can mitigate these effects.

INJECTION MOLDING: How to Specify an Injection Molding Machine
There are 51 things to consider when spec’ing a controller.

MATERIALS: The Problems With Single-Point Data
Polymer properties are not constant as a function of temperature, and even small temperature changes can affect properties.

TOOLING: The Impact of Hydraulics on Tool Design
Get a better understanding of their use, proper sizing, and how the tool design and setup in the machine can impact failures in manufacturing.

Starting Up

Arburg Opens New U.S. Headquarters
Rocky Hill facility includes lab areas dedicated to the Freeformer 3D printer.

Billion & Sepro Collaborate on Molding Machine/Robot Packages
Billion will supply injection presses with integrated robots and controls from Sepro.

COC Used in Unique Crystallization Microplate
Topas's cyclic olefin copolymer (COC) selected for the In-Situ-1, an unusual crystallization microplate by MiTeGen LLC, Ithaca, N.Y.

Coca-Cola Debuts First 100% Biobased PET Bottle
A prototype that's still five years away from full commercialization.

Colorado Molder Joins First-in-the-Nation Skills Gap Initiative
A custom injection molder is at the center of an innovative partnership among businesses, governments and various organizations to not only better prepare job seekers for employment but also match their skill sets with companies’ pressing labor needs.

DuPont’s Chemours Spin-Off Launched
DuPont spins off TiO2 and fluoropolymers.

DuPont's Spin-Off Chemours Launched
As planned a year ago, DuPont has spun off its Performance Chemicals segment into the newly launched Chemours.

Eastman Explores Processing of Tritan Copolyester For Small, Multicavity Medical Parts
A sophisticated 32-cavity mold and all-electric press are being used to define the process window and critical mold and part design criteria.

Electronics OEM's Reshoring Strategy: Set Up In-House Molding Here
Instead of ordering wireless accessories from China, Alpha Comm will mold them here itself.

Guill Tool Founder Roger Guillemette Passes Away
Roger Guillemette founded Guill Tool in 1962 and patented dozens of revolutionary products, mostly in extrusion tooling.

Huber Broadens Halogen-Free FR Range
Huber adds Safire nitrogen and phosphorus-based additives from Belgium's Catena Additives.

King Plastic Gets Exclusive License for Gelest's Antimicrobials
King Microshield is the upgraded polyolefin sheet stock to be offered by King Plastic, featuring Biosafe antimicrobial from Gelest.

Motorola Thermoplastic Composite Smartphone Covers Get Award

Nova Installs Nine-Layer Blown Film Line to Enhance Customer Collaboration
It's said to be a first for PE resin producers in North America.

O’Neil Color & Compounding Expands Its New Jersey Facilities
This is the first phase of a company-wide plan to improve capabilities and expand capacity.

O’Neil Color & Compounding Expands New Jersey Facilities
An expansion in Tennessee is next.

Process Control Corp. Hires New Regional Sales Manager
Rob Nieth will manage the Midwestern territory.

Sepro And Billion To Offer Molding Machine/Robot Packages
The two French companies have signed a partnership pact in order to increase their presence in new markets by offering a complete equipment package.

Sun Chemical Plans Major Capacity Expansion of Metallic Effect Pigments
Demand for metallic effect pigments for plastics in such applications as interior automotive is one key reason for Sun Chemical's plant to nearly double capacity.

U.S. Plastics Equipment Sector Weathers Another Rough Winter
U.S. shipments of plastics equipment dipped in the first three months of 2015 compared to the 2014’s final quarter but were higher when contrasted with year-ago levels.

Wittmann Expanding Robot Capacity
Annual U.S. production capacity for robots will reach 4500 next year.

Wittmann Expanding Robots Production Capacity
The company is investing $1 million in its U.S. assembly facility at Torrington, Conn.

Processor's Business Index

Contraction Accelerates Slightly
Third dip in four months.


ELECTRIC DRIVES: Which One’s Right For Your Process?
Not all drives are created equal. There are a variety of options suited more to some applications than others. Here’s a handy guide to help you decide.

How Optical Sorting Can Boost Your Reclaim Operation
Here are tips on how to implement optical-sorting technology to increase the value of regrind and flake produced in your plant.

How to Keep Moisture Away From Your APET Sheet Line
Moisture in PET will result in degradation that will foul up sheet and thermoformed products. Keep it at bay by following these tips when drying APET virgin and flake material.

On-Site: At This Sheet Manufacturer, It's Safety First...At Any Cost
Sekisui SPI is an innovative manufacturer of highly engineered, customized thermoplastic sheet. And every pound of it is produced in a ‘safety first’ environment.

Keeping Up With Technology

ADDITIVES: Advanced Scratch & Mar Protection for Interior Auto PP Components
Americhem has a line of advanced scratch and mar resistance additives for PP interior automotive components.

ADDITIVES: High-Performance Processing Aid for Rigid PVC Profiles
Total Cray Valley has developed new processing technology for rigid PVC exterior building applications.

EXTRUSION: ‘Next-Generation’ Cast Stretch Film Lines
Seven-layer line has six extruders, two operator workstations, scrap refeed.

INJECTION MOLDING: Engel Launches New Version Of IQ Weight Control Software
iQ weight control is available for all Engel machines with electric injection units.

INJECTION MOLDING: Engel Unveils Robots, Software at Austrian Open House
Six-axis giants for presses up to 5500 tons, and new in-cycle holding-pressure control.

INJECTION MOLDING: Foaming Technology Works on Conventional Presses
Profoam process uses physical foaming with a liquid propellant.

MATERIALS: Bioplastic 3D Filament with Exceptional Finish
One-year old 3Dom USA is offering a new plant-based filament that offers several advantages.

MATERIALS: TPE Compounds for Consumer Products Offer Vivid Color, Tactile Appeal
Teknor's new family of TPE compounds for consumer products span a broad range of physical properties.

MATERIALS: TPEs Gives Molded Products Rubber-Like Properties, Good Finish
Elastocon TPE's new TPE has rubber-like properties and good surface finish and meets flammability specs.

TESTING: High-Precision Weighing Platforms
Mettler Toledo is offering two new weighing platforms with high accuracy in harsh industrial environments.

Resin Prices

PP, PS Prices Up; PE, PVC Prices Flat
Prices moved up for PS and PP but stayed flat for PE and PVC, despite price increases on the table.


The Extrusion 2015 Conference: Open for Business
Registration is now open for a new conference that hits on all extrusion technologies. Go online and sign up: Nov. 2-3, Charlotte, N.C.

Market Watch

Medical Device Production to See Accelerating Growth
Indicators are positive over the next six to 12 months.

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