Absolute Haitian Launches Ohio Tech Center

Firm sold more than 300 presses in 2012.

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In May, Absolute Haitian held an open house at its recently opened technical center in Parma, Ohio. The 20,000 ft2 facility was running three machines: a Zhafir Venus all-electric model of 337 tons and two Haitian Mars servo-hydraulic presses of 787 and 180 tons. (Second-generation models have been available for about a year.) Based in Worcester, Mass., Absolute Haitian is the exclusive distributor of Haitian and Zhafir injection machines from China in the U.S. and Canada. Haitian (which owns the Zhafir brand) is the world’s largest injection machine builder.

Absolute Haitian president Glenn Frohring says his firm sold more than 300 Haitian machines last year. Mars models (67 to 4400 tons) are by far its best sellers, though it has also sold more than 100 Venus machines (44 to 610 tons). Haitian’s latest development, the Zhafir Mercury all-electric tiebarless press (60 to 165 tons), is running at selected U.S. customers on a developmental basis. Absolute Haitian has also begun offering Haitian’s Iapetus hydraulic multi-material machines, based on the Saturn platform (135 to 1574 tons). In addition, the company will be offering “MuCell-ready” machines equipped for the MuCell microcellular foam process from Trexel Inc., Wilmington, Mass.

Other Haitian products offered are the Saturn II series of standard hydraulic presses (67 to 4400 tons) and Jupiter II servo-hydraulic two-platen machines (1350 to 6740 tons). Absolute Haitian also offers Multitech vertical presses (35 to 300 tons) from Multitech Machinery Ltd. in China.

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