SI Group To Acquire Albemarle's Antioxidants Business

Manufacturer of chemical intermediates and specialty resins SI Group will acquire Albemarle's entire antioxidants business.

The SI Group, Schenectady, New York, has signed a deal to acquire the antioxidants, Ibuprofen, and related businesses and assets from Albemarle Corp., Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This is said to be largest deal in the 108-year history of SI Group, a global developer and manufacturer of chemical intermediates and specialty resins.

The acquisition, slated for completion later this year, includes the entire Albemarle antioxidants business for lubricants, fuel, and polymer stabilization. Albemarle’s products for the latter include Ethanox primary phenolic antioxidants and Ethaphos secondary phosphorus antioxidants. Also included is the Alblend line of blends of the two in masterbatch form, all of which have wide use in a range of polyolefins, styrenics, and engineering thermoplastics.

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