APPLICATION: Stand-Up Paddle Boards Feature High-Performance Acrylic

Altuglas' high-performance acrylic coextruded on ABS produces new high-gloss colored boards.

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The new range of high-gloss Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boards from BIC Sport was developed in collaboration with Altuglas International, Bristol, Penn. The boards feature Altuglas HF110 UVP10 high-performance acrylic which is coextruded onto ABS.

The material comes in the form of granules and is produced at parent company Arkema’s Rho, Italy site. It provides a high-gloss surface finish with great depth of color and acts as a real shield for the underlying ABS layer, according to PMMA resins development manager Benoit Andre. “This acrylic offers the optimum trade-off between resistance to shocks and scratches and climatic aging, giving the SUP board an exceptional stability of appearance.” (215) 826-2600 •

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