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June 2014

Close-Up on Technology

Process Simulation Advances For Stretch-Blow Molding
The challenges in molding simulation multiply along with the process complexity, making injection stretch-blow molding one of the most challenging areas to tackle. But one group is becoming a world leader in modeling ISBM and developing tools and hardware for process and product development.

Recycling Conferences Focus on Label Removal & Mixed Streams
Industry meets to discuss efforts to lessen the impact of labels on bottle recycling streams.

Processor's Edge

Pushing the Limits in Overmolded RFID Tags
Startup molder devises new techniques for RFID tags.

Know How

EXTRUSION: What’s the Right Feed Throat Temperature?
Selecting the proper one is critical to the process.

INJECTION MOLDING: Troubleshooting Bridging
Bridging is an aggravating problem that can shut you down. Here's how to find it and fix it.

Starting Up

Americhem Renames Recently Acquired Compounder
First foray into engineered compounding.

BASF Doubles Capacity Of Non-Phthalate Plasticizer
Product is known for its excellent toxicological profile and low migration rate.

Charter NEX Reaches New Heights In Film Quality
Is blown film processing really rocket science?

DuPont Shows Off New Film Structures
DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers, Wilmington, Del., rolled out a series of packaging innovations at last month’s Interpack 2014 show in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Honeywell To Boost Nylon 6, 6/6 Production
Honeywell's new nylon 6 and 6/6 production line has the flexibility to produce either or both depending on customer demand.

HRSflow Plans U.S. Hot-Runner Production
Michigan plant to open in early 2015.

Milliken To Double Production of PP Clarifying Agent
Global demand for Millad NX 8000 clarifying agent is driving Milliken's major capacity expansion.

New Products & Services at amerimold in June
New mold components and training services to debut at moldmaking show.

Packaging Processors Combine
Two processors serving the container market unite.

PEEK Replaces Coated Brass Gear In Key Transmission Parts in All-Terrain Vehicle
Victrex's PEEK compound is used in the robust overmolded steel drive shaft segment gear of new all-terrain dual-tracked vehicle (DTV).

PEEK Used In Overmolding Transmission Components Of All-Terrain Vehicle
Replacing a coated brass gear, is Victrex's PEEK compound in the robust overmolded steel drive shaft segment gear of BPG Werks all-terrain, dual-tracked vehicle

SI Group To Acquire Albemarle's Antioxidants Business
Manufacturer of chemical intermediates and specialty resins SI Group will acquire Albemarle's entire antioxidants business.

Swedish Compounder Now Here
Polykemi is extending its reach with its custom thermoplastic compounds to North America through its partnership with Omni.

Processor's Business Index

Processors Still Going Strong
Processor business grows for fifth month out of six.


Multi-Component Molding: Which Way Should You Go?
Moldmaker and injection molder MGS Mfg. Group details different technical options and how they mesh with various market opportunities.

Solutions to Batch Blender Issues Save Money & Downtime
When a blender is operating poorly, odds are that the fixes are quite simple if you know what to look for.

Things Are Adding Up Nicely For Charter NEX Films
Since Charter Films merged with NEX Performance Films about 18 months ago, the combined operation has melded the best capabilities of each company into a single business churning out a wide scope of blown films.

Why Conformal Cooling Makes $ense
Find out how this game-changing technology can make you more money but reducing cycles and cutting scrap.

Keeping Up With Technology

AUXILIARIES: Low-Dose Blender for Small Machines
It meters down to 3 g per component.

AUXILIARIES: Vertical Incline Parts Conveyor
Custom conveyor lifts parts to any desired height.

AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT: Easy-to-Maintain Hopper Loaders
Units are quiet and simple to move about and clean.

COMPOUNDING: LFT Strand Pelletizer
High-speed series features a variety of enhancements.

EXTRUSION: First Gearless Melt Pump
Unit relies on counter-rotating intermeshing twin screws.

EXTRUSION: Process Solid, Foam Film With Same Tooling
New system enhances flexibility of a single line.

EXTRUSION: Quick-Change 'Dimple' Former for Sheet
Change from one to another in fewer than two hours.

INJECTION MOLDING: Hot-Runner Manifolds & Controls Debut at Chinaplas
Easy-to-install manifold and smarter controls at Chinese fair.

INJECTION MOLDING: Hot-Runner Valve Gating Without Knit Lines
New nozzles promise better part appearance and strength.

MATERIALS: Coolant-Resistant LSR for Engine Gaskets
LSR gains a place in automotive cooling systems.

MATERIALS: ECTFE Film Resins for Photovoltaic Modules
Two new ECTFE resins mark Kraton's entry into front-sheet applications for photovoltaic modules, expanding the company's reach in this market.

MATERIALS: High-Performance SBC for Soft-Touch Overmolding
In addition to soft-touch overmolding, Kraton's new SBC can be used to make protective cling films and sound-dampening products.

MATERIALS: TPEs for Overmolding Onto Polyethylene
Elastocon's 2800 Series performance TPEs now includes new grades for overmolding onto and coextruding with PE.

TESTING: Spectrophotometer Specially Designed for Automotive
Datacolor's new hand-held spectrophotometer offers digital color communication for the automotive supply chain.

TOOLING: DME Adds Large Mold Base Capacity
Large mold bases are now available faster.

Resin Prices

Price Trend Still Flat to Lower
Prices for three of four commodity resin trending down. PE relatively stable.


A 'New' Plastics Technology Coming Next Month
A redesigned version of the magazine is coming in July.

Market Watch

Housing Weakens
Construction is growing but overall housing recovery still a ways off.

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