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Close-Up on Technology

Tooling Advances Highlighted At Molding 2013 Conference
Molds and tooling were a big topic at the Molding 2013 Conference in New Orleans this January.

Know How

Dimensional Stability after Molding—Part 3
Any process that involves melting and re-solidifying a polymer involves a compromise between achieving the perfect structure and producing a part that can be sold at a price that the market is willing to pay.

Coping with Weak Weld Lines
Weld lines cause significant reject rates and are a common problem that all molders face.

Cooling Tips for Crystalline Polymers
If a little cooling is good, is a lot of cooling better?


Packaging Powerhouse Does It All
Materials formulation, cast and blown film extrusion, sheet extrusion, printing, and laminating come under one roof at this processor.

The Business Advantage of Sustainability
Companies promote their sustainability commitment in various ways, but beneath the promises and promotional materials should be a true corporate commitment to sustainability goals that provide meaningful environmental, economic, and social benefits.

Sustainable Injection Molding: Amcor Looks at the Big Picture
How the world’s biggest producer of PET packaging measures the environmental footprint of its operation.

Sustainable Sheet: Placon Closes the Loop on PET Recycling
Placon reprocesses up to 12,000 lb/day of PCR PET to produce its EcoStar line of sheet.

Sustainable Thermoforming: Efforts at Dordan Drive Innovation, Raise Questions
Family-owned former has been in the forefront of sustainable thermoforming and package design for years. Has it been worth the effort?

More Gloss, Fewer Weld Lines With Variothermal Molding
A higher mold surface temperature during filling is required to achieve high-gloss surfaces or perfectly replicated microstructures and nanostructures, as well as erasing ugly weld lines. Instrumented tests quantify the results achieved by this process.

How to Select a Plastics Assembly Process
To make the proper choice, each application must be considered on its own. Each has its own particular characteristics and requirements.

Keeping Up With Technology

INJECTION MOLDING: U.S. Debut of Medium-Size Two-Platen Series
KraussMaffei Corp. (USA), Florence, Ky., recently announced the U.S. introduction of its newest press series, the GX line of two-platen machines from 400 to 650 tons.

EXTRUSION: New Cast Film & Sheet Lines
SML rolled out three new products at its Innovation Days 2012 open house, held late last year at its headquarters in Austria (U.S. office in Ft.

THERMOFORMING: High-Speed Robot Stacker
GN Thermoforming Equipment, Chester, N.S., has introduced a new high-speed robotic stacker for its contact-heat, in-mold-cut thermoformers.

TOOLING: New Mold Components
DME Co., Madison Heights, Mich., has two new mold-component offerings.

MATERIALS: New Easy-Flow, Medical-Grade PC
WEB EXCLUSIVE: A new, clear, high-flow, medical-grade PC has been introduced by Bayer MaterialScience LLC, Pittsburgh.

MATERIALS: Fully Fluorinated LSR is a First for Medical Implants
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Liquid fluorosilicone elastomers are used for injection molding medical parts with higher chemical resistance than ordinary LSR.

MATERIALS: Long-Glass PP Boasts Improved Impact & Lower Cost
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Asahi Kasei Plastics, Fowlerville, Mich, has new long-glass reinforced PP that is said to surpass the impact strength of competing grades while offering 20% lower cost.

MATERIALS: High-Temperature Nylon for Blow Molded Ducts
WEB EXCLUSIVE: DSM Engineering Plastics of the Netherlands (U.S. office in Evansville, Ind.) is offering what reportedly is the first high-temperature nylon for extrusion blow molded air ducts.

MATERIALS: High-Temperature, Reflective Resins for LED Packages
WEB EXCLUSIVE: New high-temperature and highly reflective resins from two suppliers are engineered for growing LED markets in display backlighting and general lighting:  •DSM Engineering Plastics of the Netherlands (U.S. office in Evansville, Ind.) has added a new grade of its unique nylon 4T for LED applications.

Starting Up

Milacron Buys Mold-Masters; Nypro Has a New Owner, Too
Two of the industry’s biggest names changed hands last month as mergers and acquisitions continue to grab headlines in plastics.

New Technology Permits PVDF Foaming
New technology from Arkema Inc., Philadelphia, allows foaming its Kynar PVDF fluoropolymers, paving the way for new applications for foam-core pipe and sheet in aerospace, aircraft, and automotive.

Mitsui to Boost PP Compounding to Meet U.S. Automotive Demand
Japan’s Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. (U.S. office in Rye Brook, N.Y.) has augmented its expansion plans for production of PP automotive compounds and TPOs in the U.S. by an additional 30 million lb/yr through its affiliate, Advanced Composites, Inc., Sidney, Ohio.

New U.S. Distributor for Elix Polymers ABS
Polymer Z, Birmingham, Mich., has been named the North American distributor of precolored ABS resins and ABS- and SAN-based polymer modifiers from Spain’s Elix Polymers.

Public, Private Sectors Join for Film Recycling
The Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources and two national business groups have announced a first-of a-kind, state-led partnership to expand film recycling.

Exclusive: Milacron Launches New All-Electric Press Series
At press time last month, Milacron LLC, Batavia, Ohio, gave Plastics Technology an advance look at a line of all-electric machines being launched globally this month.

Unique Extruder Reclaims Nylon 11 Oil Pipe
A British recycling company has found an interesting application for the MRS Extrusion System from Gneuss (U.S. office in Matthews, N.C.). K2 Polymers Ltd. in Loughborough, U.K., which specializes in recycling engineering resins, is using the MRS (Multi Rotation System) to reprocess nylon 11 regrind heavily contaminated with oil.The regrind came from deep-sea oil pipes that were scrapped after having been recovered from the sea floor at a depleted oilfield.

First Two-Cavity Injection Molded Fenders Made with Noryl GTX
The 2012 Outlander Sports crossover from Mitsubishi Motor Corp. features what is reportedly the industry’s first two-cavity injection molded fenders.

Make Thinner Stretch-Hood Films at Lower Cost
WEB EXCLUSIVE: A new, more sustainable stretch-hood solution developed by the Belgian polymer plant of Houston-based ExxonMobil Chemical Co. is now being expanded by the company to the resin packaging operations of all of its polymer plants, and can easily be extended to other stretch-hood applications, the company says.


It Ain't Easy Being Green
But efforts by packaging processors to become more sustainable will be worth it.

2013: Another Strong Year for Automotive
It will be the fourth consecutive year of solid growth, bringing total assemblies to just half a million units shy of their pre-recession level of about 12 million units per year

Processor's Edge

Machine Safety Is a Moving Target
Plastics processors and other manufacturers have to keep up with a lot of new federal, state, and local regulations on all sorts of subjects—taxes, health insurance, environmental protection, and lots more, not the least of which is worker safety.

Resin Prices

PP Prices Spike, Others Rise, Too
Prices of four commodity thermoplastics rose in late January and early February, and new increases were announced for this month in PP, PE, and PVC.

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