May 2005

Close-Up on Technology

How to Demold Parts Faster, With Less Stress and Surface Defects
You may need to unlearn what you always thought was the right way to get parts out of an injection mold.

Latest Enterprise Software Features Enhanced Scheduling and Web Access
Until recently, plastics processors looking for fully featured enterprise business software may have been aware of only two choices that were tailored specifically for their needs.

New High-Performance Nylons For Automotive, Electronics, Packaging
Nylon producer Ems-Grivory America in Sumter, S.C., is reaching beyond its traditional product range to bring out new partially aromatic nylons that bridge the gap between standard engineering thermoplastics and high-performance specialty polymers.

Processor's Edge

Raising the Bar in Multi-Component Molding
Multi-component molding in North America makes up less than 10% of the injection molding business, but it is becoming a significant growth strategy for The Tech Group in Scottsdale, Ariz. "Rather than waiting for applications to come to us, which is what custom molders typically do, we are gathering the right technologies now to take our capability to a new level.


Capacitance Thickness Gauges: New Designs Break Old Barriers
Economical, non-nuclear capacitance gauges are opening new markets in blown film—primarily in barrier films, where they previously suffered serious shortcomings. New gauge designs, and new ways of mounting them, make capacitance technology much more flexible.

Resin Dryers: Which Type Is Right for You?
Processors today face bewildering choices of at least five basic types of dryers, whose capabilities are subject to conflicting claims from equipment suppliers. For the buyer, the most basic questions are: How much drying is needed for the job and which dryer types are up to the task?

Thermoforming PPS: New Resin Choice Adds High-Performance Opportunity
For parts needing high heat and chemical resistance, thermoformers get a new way to compete with injection molding.

Why Gamble on Plastics Prices?
In the past year, many plastics processors found themselves forced to gamble on materials prices.

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