January 2010

Close-Up on Technology

Multi-Shot Tooling Approaches Eliminate Part Welding
Three new multi-shot tooling concepts that involve stationary cavities and indexing cores use injection overmolding to eliminate post-mold welding operations and improve part quality and productivity while reducing scrap.

Know How

Extrusion Know-How: The Whys & Hows (& Ifs) of Vented Extruders
Vented or two-stage screws only make sense when volatiles must be removed in order to make a satisfactory product.

Injection Molding Know-How: The ABCs of Delta P: Setting the First-Stage Pressure Limit
Here’s another trick of the trade that will make your life easier.

Tooling Know-How: Five Tips on Profile Die Design
A poorly designed profile die—one that does not permit the part to be extruded with the same dimensions from run to run—coupled with a lack of understanding of the extrusion process, is a recipe for scrap generation.

Starting Up

Industry & Technology News: January 2010
New ‘Green’ Flame Retardant Coming in 2010Additives supplier Albemarle Corp. in Baton Rouge plans to launch a polymeric flame retardant later this year as the first product in a new Earthwise family of “sustainable, eco-friendly products.” All Earthwise products will have been screened for toxicity, bioaccumulation potential, and recyclability.


Back to the Garage
I’ll admit it: I’m not very good in the garage.

Sustainability Drives Innovation at Leading RPET Processors
Two Southern California processors have boldly gone where no one has ever gone before.

Why Aluminum Tooling Makes Sense for High-Volume Automotive Parts
There’s increasing interest in the benefits of aluminum tooling for higher volume injection molded applications, especially in automotive.

Keeping Up With Technology

A. Schulman Buys ICO, Inc.
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Compounder A. Schulman, Inc., Akron, Ohio, has signed a definitive agreement to acqurie Houston-based compounder ICO, Inc.

Air Ring Directs Cooling Air Up and Down
Newly formed Reifenhauser Kiefel, Danvers, Mass., has developed an air ring that provides two-directional cooling, meaning that air is directed upward to the air lips and downward to an additional air exit closer to the die.

Blow Moldable Nylons for Small Fuel Tanks & Containers
Two new nylon 6 resins are in the final stages of commercialization for molding fuel containers (jerry cans) and small fuel tanks for motorcycles, snowmobiles, off-road vehicles, personal watercraft, boats, chain saws, and lawn/garden equipment.

Cordless Phone from Biopolymer
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Telecom Italia’s new Eco Cordless phone has a shell injection molded from Ingeo PLA biopolymer.

Dedicated Heater Platen Boosts Output, Quality
WEB EXCLUSIVE: GN Thermoforming Equipment, Chester, N.S., has developed a tool-specific heater platen that is said to offer output rate increases up to 30% while improving product clarity and speeding tool changeovers.

Electric Injection Units for Thin-Wall Molding
One new product that didn’t make it into this month’s report on the Fakuma show in Germany was a series of Ultra injection units for EX all-electric presses from KraussMaffei Corp., Florence, Ky.

First Large Automotive MIDs with LDS
WEB EXCLUSIVE: The German “MID Industry Award” for 2009 was given to the PBT steering switch for the new BMW Z4 Roadster.

Huntsman Won't Get Tronox
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Tronox Inc., Oklahoma City, currently in bankruptcy protection, canceled a deal to sell its titanium dioxide and electrolytics businesses to Huntsman Corp., The Woodlands, Tex.

IR-Reflecting Pigment Keeps Plastics Cool
A new chocolate brown mineral pigment from Shepherd Color Co., Cincinnati, reflects infrared and thereby allows dark-colored plastics to minimize heat buildup when exposed to sunlight.

New Colorants for Medical Polymers
WEB EXCLUSIVE: PolyOne Corp., Cleveland, has a new line of USP Class VI colorants for medical devices called OnColor HC gamma-stable concentrates.

New Milestones for Hot-Fill Bottles
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Smallest, lightest, hottest—the past year has seen three “firsts” for hot-fill PET containers.

New Mold Components for Releasing Undercuts
Two new series of mold components for undercut parts were introduced at the fi rst PDx/Amerimold show this spring in Cincinnati, sponsored by Moldmaking Technology and Time Compression magazines.

New Source of Mold Dehumidifiers
Universal Dynamics, Inc., Woodbridge, Va., has introduced mold dehumidifiers, which it has not offered for many years.

New Styrenic Blends & Copolymers
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Two suppliers have launched new product ranges in styrenics.

New Type of Granulator for Hard & Soft Materials
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Harmo Co. of Japan (represented here by Maruka U.S.A.

PolyOne Acquires New England Urethane
WEB EXCLUSIVE: PolyOne Corp., Cleveland, has acquired New England Urethane, Inc., North Haven, Conn., a TPU compounder specializing in the healthcare market.(866) 765-9663 • 760-0638 • neuinc.comPolyOne Corp. 33587 Walker Rd.

Screen Changer, Gear Pump Combo Cuts Pelletizing Step
WEB EXCLUSIVE: A sheet extruder of recycled PET eliminated the need to pelletize its scrap before reuse by equipping a line with a self-cleaning screen changer and gear pump supplied by Maag Pump Systems, Charlotte, N.C.

Suppliers Team Up on PET Sheet System
Davis-Standard, Pawcatuck, Conn., and Gneuss, Matthews, N.C., have joined forces to supply a PET sheet line that requires no material predrying and offers throughput rates of up to 2000 lb/hr.

Two-Piece Edge-Gate Nozzles Are More Versatile
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Star-Line edge-gate nozzles with one to eight tips now come in a two-piece design with a body and crown.

UV-Detectable Acetal for Medical Devices
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Ticona, Florence, Ky., introduced Hostaform MT (medical technology) 8U05, a UV-detectable acetal copolymer for easier quality control in production of complex medical devices.


'Do-It-All' Approach Keys One Processor's Growth
What shape will the successful North American plastics processing operation take as we move through the next decade?

Resin Buying Strategies: Higher Prices Going into 2010
Prices of commodity resins are generally on an upswing as we enter the new year.

The Practical Processor: January 2010
I am currently working on a streamer/angel-hair problem where I work. What is the proper psi setting for a delivery truck unloading material to a silo? Are there guidelines or proper handling procedures?

Wood on Plastics: Construction Starting at the Ground Floor
Don’t expect much to change in the construction market this year, as we’re projecting zero growth over 2009.

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