April 1999


Air Rings--Make Them Work for You, Not Against You

Air rings do more than just blow cooling air on your film. Their complex aerodynamic effects also help form and stabilize the bubble. Yet operators often misuse air rings because they don't understand how the stabilizing function works. Here's a practical guide to making an air ring be your trusty helper instead of an unruly troublemaker.

Beer In Plastic--So Many Ways to Get There

Coinjection, overmolding, barrier coatings, resin blends--all are being tested in the race to capture a swig of the mega-market for beer bottles.

It's All Here!

Article TextnThis month, Plastics Technology launches three new database tools on our Web site ( Like everything else at our site, they can be used free of charge. We're trying to be your one-stop plastics information source, and I think these newest features, combined with our other well-known products, put us there. And there's more to come.

Plastic Beer Bottles Are No Longer Just a Dream

Commercial success of two major foreign beer brands packaged in plastic bottles looks like the first wave in what could soon be a flood of plastic container development here and abroad. As shown in the table, at least nine plastic beer-bottle programs are commercially under way or in development.

Smart Manufacturing Means 'Fix It Before It's Broke'

If you want to get the most out of your plant, you need to concentrate on preventing problems, not fixing them once they've occurred. That's the basic concept of "pre-emptive process control," which is the aim of software and hardware options recently introduced for the Source 1.3 CIM system from Hunkar Laboratories Inc., Cincinnati.

There's Plenty of Fizz In Foam Blow Molding

Foam blow molding technology may be taking its first baby steps in the market, but this child could be jogging before long. After at least 10 years of testing, there is just one commercial application, but a score of packaging and industrial projects are being developed, mostly in Europe.

Why Molders Love All-Electric Machines

All-electric injection presses carry higher price tags, but molders who use them don't seem to care. They say price pales in comparison to the valuable molding advantages they get with electric machines. These first-hand accounts tell why the 'go-electric' movement is spreading.

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