December 2010

Close-Up on Technology

‘Organic Hybrid’ Composites Highlighted at K Show
One of the materials trends hailed at this month’s K 2010 show in Dusseldorf was the replacement of plastic-metal “hybrid” composites with all-plastic “organic hybrids” in structural parts for automotive and other markets.

Know How

Extrusion: Don’t Forget Zone ‘Zero’
Have you ever heard of zone zero?

Injection Molding: Understanding Pressure Loss In Injection Molding
One of the more prominent trends in processing is the need for higher plastic pressures to mold parts.

Tooling: Setting Up Shop: Part III
Our last column covered shop size and bench requirements for a 50 x 50 ft mold-repair shop that will have a MPP (Mold Pull Pace) of approximately 25 to 30 multi-cavity molds a week and employ four repair technicians in a six-bench layout.

Starting Up

Industry & Technology News - December 2010
Novel TPE/Polyimide Medical Tubing Through a special manufacturing process, TPE tubing with one or more lumens is being extruded inside thermoset polyimide medical tubing.


On-Site: Well, Well, Well... Processor Taps into Novel Underground Cooling Solution
In 2008, Olle Mannertorp and his co-owners of Multifilm Packaging ( had a decision to make.

Tips and Techniques: Break the Taboo On Purging Hot Runners!
It’s safe to say that the concept of using a commercial purging compound (CPC) has largely been embraced by the plastics processing community.

Tips and Techniques: How to Downgauge Film Without Losing the ‘Feel’ of Quality
These days, blown film processors supplying converters and packagers with high-end materials are between a rock and a hard place.

Tips and Techniques: Optimize Your Robot With the Right Controls
Just because you have robots operating in your plant, don’t assume that puts you ahead of increasing domestic and global competition.

Keeping Up With Technology

Auxiliary: Faster Magnet Deliveries—December 2010
A new QuickShip program from Industrial Magnetics Inc., Boyne City, Mich, guarantees same-day shipping on orders placed Monday through Friday by 2:00 pm EST on 450 eligible magnetic products.

Auxiliary: Materials Conveying System Permits Consistent Flow Rate—December 2010
The new Pick Up Velocity Control System for materials conveying from Advanced Blending Solutions, LLC (ABS), Menominee, Mich., monitorspressure at the vacuum pump’s inlet point, allowing material to flow at a consistent rate.

Compounding: New Compounder Pushes Torque Envelope—December 2010
The new ZSK Mc18 line of twin-screw compounding extruders from Coperion Corp.

Extrusion: 3-Layer Drip-Irrigation Die Increases Precision—December 2010
Guill Tool & Engineering, W.

Extrusion: Adjustable Feedblock Allows Fine-Tuning of Layer Thickness—December 2010
A new-generation feedblock for flat-die coextrusion simplifies fine-tuning of layer thicknesses, reducing downtime.

Extrusion: Three-Lip Air Ring Boosts Output, Speeds Start-Up—December 2010
A recent agreement between Davis-Standard Film Systems, Bridgewater, N.J., and K Design GmbH in Germany makes the COM 3 Triple Lip Air Ring available to blown film processors in the U.S. and Canada.

Materials: 3D Formable Hardcoat Films Cut Production Costs—December 2010
WEB EXCLUSIVE: The new Makrofol HF family of scratchproof, hard-coated polycarbonate films can be back-printed, 3D formed, trimmed, and then back-injected in a film insert molding process without damaging the coating.

Materials: High-Current Circuit Breakers from Nylon 6—December 2010
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Up to now, high-current circuit breakers have been made mainly of thermoset urea or polyester.

Materials: Long-Fiber Compounds Set New Benchmark in EMI Shielding—December 2010
WEB EXCLUSIVE: New long-fiber thermoplastic (LFT) compounds from PlastiComp, LLC, Winona, Minn., are said to beat previous alternatives with a combination of high-level EMI shielding performance with cost-effectiveness and thin-wall moldability.

Materials: Medical-Grade TPEs—December 2010
RTP Co., Winona, Minn., has come out with a series of biocompatible styrenic-based TPEs for use in medical devices.

Materials: New HDPE Raises Bar on Moisture Barrier—December 2010
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Up to 50% higher moisture barrier than standard resins is claimed for an experimental HDPE from Nova Chemicals, Pittsburgh.

Materials: Non-Halogen PBTs for E/E Products—December 2010
WEB EXCLUSIVE: New Valox PBT materials are said to overcome the limited mechanical properties of previous non-halogen flame-retardant compounds.

Materials: PEEK Gets a Boost from Carbon Nanotubes—December 2010
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Solvay Advanced Polymers, LLC, Alpharetta, Ga., is supplying its KetaSpire PEEK to Entegris Inc., Billerica, Mass., which formulates Tego compounds using carbon nanotubes.

Materials: Rigid PVC Profile Compound Excels in Flame Resistance—December 2010
WEB EXCLUSIVE: A new high-impact rigid vinyl compound for profile extrusion is said to meet the most stringent UL 94 classification—5VA—at 0.9 mm, well below the 1.5-mm minimum achieved previously for rigid PVC profile materials.

Materials: Tougher, Stronger SL Resin for Functional Prototypes—December 2010
WEB EXCLUSIVE: An “unprecedented combination of stiffness and toughness” is said to characterize Somos NeXt stereolithography (SL) resin from DSM Somos, Elgin, Ill.

Materials: TPE Seals Wiring Harness Water-Tight—December 2010
WEB EXCLUSIVE: When a national truck fleet approached Maxi-Seal Harness Systems of Grandview, Mo., to design a new modular wiring harness for the underside of long-haul semi-trailer trucks, Maxi-Seal saw an opportunity to deliver a new level of reliability.

Robots: Make Your Robot Vacuum Grippers Quieter & More Energy Efficient—December 2010
If you’re looking for additional areas of your process in which to save energy, consider your robot vacuum grippers.

Thermoforming: Innovative Tooling System for Reverse-Lip Trays—December 2010
First-of-its-kind tooling technology from GN Thermoforming Equipment, Chester, N.S., provides a cost-effective way to form above and below the sheet line on GN’s contact-heat thermoformers.

Tooling: Mold Corrosion Protection for Food-Contact Applications—December 2010
Lusin Protect O 45 F is a new anti-corrosion agent for molds and tooling that produce beverage and baby bottles, toys, toothbrushes, coffee machines, and other food-contact household articles.

Welding, Bonding & Assembly ‘Breakthrough’ in RF Welding TPEs—December 2010
WEB EXCLUSIVE: PolyOne GLS Thermoplastic Elastomers, McHenry, Ill., has worked with Genesis Plastics Welding, Indianapolis, to adapt the latter firm’s new ecoGenesis RF welding technology for PolyOne’s Versaflex TPEs.


A Whole Messe People
If the K 2010 show was any indication, we’re about to turn the page on the global economic malaise that has plagued plastics manufacturing since the summer of 2008.

Processor Strategies - Cadillac Products Packaging Move to Nine Layers Means Better Bags, High-Value Niches
The story of Cadillac Products Packaging is a 65-year-old tale that combines a steadfast commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction with a broad range of product offerings.

Resin Buying Strategies - November 2010 Year-End Tabs Flat or Slightly Higher
Except for PP, prices of commodity resins bumped upward in November.

The Practical Processor - November 2010
Your Processing Questions Answered

Troubleshooting: Injection Molding Seven Steps Toward Scientific Troubleshooting
A scientific troubleshooter is not someone who pushes buttons faster or has more tricks up his or her sleeve.

Wood On Plastics: Packaging: Growth Leader in 2011
Each quarter, the SPI’s Committee on Equipment Statistics and Processors’ Council survey their respective members and ask them to forecast future growth for the major end-markets for plastics.

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