November 2004

Close-Up on Technology

Laser Scanning Pinpoints Shrinkage Problems in Record Time
A faster way to measure part surface dimensions helped injection molder Hy-Ten Plastics to quickly identify and correct geometries in its tooling that spawned problem parts.

Specialty Thermoplastic Compounds Push the Envelope in All Directions
At least eight new developments are pushing specialty thermoplastic compounds into higher levels of performance and opening up new areas of potential applications.

Thermoforming Innovations Displayed At SPE Annual Conference
A twin-sheet thermoformed pallet uses PP foam as a plug assist that becomes the lightweight structural core.

Processor's Edge

Dedusting Turns Risky Regrind Into a Valuable Resource
Custom injection molder Tessy Plastics, Elbridge, N.Y., used to spend around $117,000 every year on resins that it would not use.


Chasing Nanocomposites
Nano-sized particles have mega-potential in plastics because just a pinch does so much more than heavy loadings of other additives. Three recent conferences presented almost 200 papers on the feverish pace of ‘nano’ R&D on boosting plastics’ mechanical and barrier properties, flame retardancy, and electrical conductivity.

Recruiting the Next Generation for Plastics
What better way to turn children onto the world of plastics than to make it into a video game?

Shhh ... Can You Hear the New Extruder Motors?
Silent, space-saving, energy-efficient, and high-torque, a new generation of ring-shaped motors is gaining a foothold in extrusion. A couple of hundred are already in use. Though most machine builders are reacting cautiously, adventurous processors are using them happily.

Keeping Up With Technology

Long Wind-Turbine Blade Challenges RIM PUR
A developmental wind-turbine blade is likely to be the longest RIM polyurethane part ever molded.

CW Brabender
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