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September 2014

Close-Up on Technology

Mold Micro Parts with Ultrasonic Technology
New machine utilizes ultrasonic waves to melt plastics for micromolding, as opposed to the shear and conductive heating used in standard processes.

Switch to AC Drives & Save Energy, Maintenance Costs
Smaller, cooler AC packages can be retrofitted to existing lines to slash energy use and maintenance costs.

Tablet Computer Shell Demonstrates Thermoplastic Composite Process
Advanced materials and high-speed molding machines comprise a new turnkey system for thermoplastic composites.

Taiwan Takes Its Place Among Machinery Elite
Overshadowed in geographic size and economic output by its neighbor to the east, Taiwan punches above its plastics weight class and is looking to become more self sufficient in its machinery offerings.

Processor's Edge

RFID Boosts Production Efficiency For Bumper Molder
RFID technology significantly improves ‘error-proofing’ and productivity from molding to final fabrication.

Know How

BLOW MOLDING: The Role of Screw Design in Industrial Blow Molding
Screw design is seldom discussed when buying a new machine. In fact, it should be near the top of the list.

EXTRUSION: Why Barrier Screws & Rigid PVC Don’t Always Mix
RPVC’s somewhat unusual melting mechanism makes it unsuited to traditional barrier type designs.

INJECTION MOLDING: The Importance of Nominal Wall For Lightweighting Molded Parts
Establishing a nominal wall is one of the most important decisions an engineer makes when designing parts. Understanding how design changes will impact the manufacturing process is critical to ensure the part performs as expected.

MATERIALS: Don’t Guess Your Way Through Root Cause Analysis
More than 50 different polymer test techniques can be used to find root causes of problems. Of these, five or six are fairly common. Use them to take the guesswork out of why a product failed.

Starting Up

APPLICATION: PC Glazing Reduces Auto's Window Weight
Advanced PC glazing used to reduce weight of rear window of Ford's multimaterial concept car.

APPLICATION: Stand-Up Paddle Boards Feature High-Performance Acrylic
Altuglas' high-performance acrylic coextruded on ABS produces new high-gloss colored boards.

Blow a Bottle with Liquid Instead of Air
New technology--to be made widely available--blows and fills bottles in the same step.

Haidlmair Seeks U.S. Moldmaking Location
Austrian moldmaker is expanding overseas.

Hexagon Buys Vero Software
Vero joins the Intergraph and CADWorx brands.

Hoover’s Huge Former Molding Plant Is on the Block
With 150 presses, it's said to be 'the largest injection molding plant West of the Mississippi.'

MATERIALS: BASF, Alpek To Switch Businesses Of Joint Venture
BASF will expand polyurethanes business while Alpek will expand EPS business.

MATERIALS: CB&I To Market Versalis' EVA, LDPE Technologies In North America
EVA and LDPE technologies from Italy's Versalis to be offered here.

MATERIALS: DSM To Build First North American Plant For High-Viscosity Nylon 6
High-viscocity nylon 6 grades for flexible packaging to be produced here by DSM.

MATERIALS: PC/PET "Stars" In First Electrical Application
Styron's PC/PET makes up housing of new power distribution unit.

Mergers in Extrusion, Thermoforming
Brown Machine, Lyle Industries team up. Also NDC and Beta LaserMike.

Processor's Business Index

Growth Rate Picks Up
Processor business activity increases for eighth of nine months.


B&B Molders Sticks to Its Core— Core Values & Core Competencies
To compete in today’s market, you need good technology, but you also need to know what you stand for and what you’re good at.

Barrel Repair: When Does It Make Sense?
Repairing a barrel can save you time and money vs. buying a brand-new one. But it’s not an easy fix and not even always possible.

Five Quick Steps Toward Better Blending
Rising costs of resins and additives, along with higher demands for quality and use of regrind, place a premium on proficient blending. Here are some steps to get you there.

Reduce Hot-Runner Downtime With Proper Troubleshooting
Solve your problem faster by adopting a systematic approach. Here’s how to get going.

What Processors Are Doing To Bridge the Skills Gap
Seasoned technicians are leaving, and replacing them with youngsters is a challenge. But some processors have taken dramatic initiatives to change how young people think about manufacturing and are bringing the next generation into the fold.

Keeping Up With Technology

ADDITIVES: Antiblock For Films Combines Attributes Of Traditional Additives
New antiblock additive for polyolefin films delivers best attributes of talc, nepheline syenite and diotomaceous earth.

ADDITIVES: Liquid Colors With Shimmer/Frost Effects For PET
PolyOne's new special effects liquid colors are targeted to styling of PET bottles that maximize shelf appeal.

APPLICATION: Extrudable PC Used In Shell Of New Luggage
Bayer's extrudable PC produces lightweight, hard-shell suitcases.

AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT: Filterless Vacuum Receiver Eliminates Wear Problems
Velocity-reducing elbow inside the receiver cuts wear, ensures air separation from material.

AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT: Small Desiccant Wheel Dryers For Machine-Mounting, Low-Throughput
Billed as alternative to compressed-air and small twin-tower units.

AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT: Tapered BFM Fitting Offers Surge Bin Visibility
Facilitates clean out of powdered materials as well.

COMPOUNDING: Water-Filtration System Cuts Pelletizer Energy Use
Savings of up to 17% are reportedly possible by the elimination of a separate fines-removal sieve and pump.

EXTRUSION: Dies, Deckles Reduce Edge Bead on Low-Melt Strength Materials
This is accomplished while maintaining coat-weight uniformity.

EXTRUSION: Pipe, Profile Extruders Are Now More Compact
Compact drive system, redesigned substructure are space-saving features.

INJECTION MOLDING, EXTRUSION: Barrel Inlay Provides Enhanced Wear, Corrosion Resistance
Higher chromium content is the key.

INJECTION MOLDING: Mold Simulation Software Gains Speed and New Functionality
It's faster, easier to use, and supports more sophisticated modeling.

MATERIALS: Detectable Compounds For Food, Drug And Cosmetic Industries
Techmer PM's compounding division expands its portfolio of detectable resins.

MATERIALS: Enhanced COP For Medical Packaging
New COP has better mechanical and sealing properties.

MATERIALS: Injection-Moldable Thermoplastic Composites Boast To Be Strongest Yet
Piper Plastics' new thermoplastic composites are said to bridge the gap between standard reinforced thermoplastic compounds and pre-preg lay-up composites.

MATERIALS: Long-Glass and Heat-Conductive PPS
Automotive compounds for structural uses and electric-motor heat sinks.

MATERIALS: New LSR For Automotive Cooling System
Wacker adds another liquid silicone to its new portfolio of LSRs for injection-molded radiator gaskets.

TESTING: New Accessory for Cost-Effective FTIR Analysis
More durable, versatile accessory for affordable analysis.

TESTING: New Touchscreen Software for Rheometers
Quick and easy measurements from a wide variety of tests.

THERMOFORMING: Fast, Flexible Pressure Former
Faster cycles and the ability to form bigger surfaces add up to higher productivity.

THERMOFORMING: Fast, Flexible Pressure Former
Electric-servo machine boasts higher speeds and larger forming area.

TOOLING: Mold Simulation Software Gains Speed & New Functionality
Enhancements in simulating conformal cooling, hot runners, MuCell foaming, shrink/warp, and fiber reinforcements.

Resin Prices

Commodity Resin Prices Heading Up
Upward pressure on prices comes from production disruptions and higher feedstock costs.


Do You ‘Run to Fail’?
Processors without a preventative maintenance plan might be paying more in the long run.

Market Watch

Motor Vehicle & Parts Production To Slow in 2014
Car manufacturing remains strong, and while production will continue to grow, it will be at a slower rate through the end of this year, and perhaps into next.

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