October 1999


A Wave of Improvements in Mixing Tips

A new family of V-mixing sections for improved distributive mixing achieves intense chaotic mixing through "wavy" roots in flight lands and channels.

Capacitance Gauges Come of Age For Blown-Film Thickness Control

Thanks to recent technical advances, relatively inexpensive capacitance thickness gauges reportedly are now stable enough for reliable closed-loop control, not just monitoring thickness variations. Another big step forward for capacitance gauges is the arrival of non-contact heads that can be mounted on the bubble instead of farther downstream on the layflat, thereby allowing quicker response to thickness variations.

Coextrusion Adds Shine to PP For Thermoforming Large Parts

New coextruded resin combinations are making polypropylene a contender for large thermoformed parts in outdoor uses from pleasure boats to automotive exterior trim.

Learning to Love the Lab

Your colleagues in the long white lab coats are becoming Most Valuable Players on your manufacturing team.

Liquid Injection Molding Hits Its Stride

Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) has come a long way over the past two decades. From its roots in a few specialty applications where premium physical properties counted more than the premium price, this thermoset carved out a small but solid niche in the medical and automotive fields. Now, among a proliferation of new applications, that niche has begun to burst at the seams.

Natural Fibers: The New Fashion In Automotive Plastics

Lightweight, strong, and low-cost, natural fibers are poised to replace glass and mineral fillers in numerous interior parts.

Rotary Thermoforming Gets Bigger and Better

Thermoformed Products Inc. (TPI) in Muskegon, Mich., has always been a large-parts specialist.

What Is a Second Worth?

When you are buying a molding machine, the author advises, you should balance the initial price against the payback in productivity.

CW Brabender
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