February 2008

Close-Up on Technology

Advances in Materials, IML and Tooling Highlight Rotomolders' Meeting
Several new resins and additives that raise part performance and improve processability were launched at the recent 32nd Annual Fall Meeting of the Association of Rotational Molders (ARM) in Detroit.

Compression Molded PET Preforms Challenge Injection Molding
Lower cost, higher quality and productivity, and the potential for lightweighting beyond anything yet seen are benefits claimed for a new continuous compression molding process for making PET bottle preforms.

Starting Up

Prices Creeping Up
Commodity resin prices are moving upward, slowly and mainly in small steps, owing to market resistance to the much larger increases announced by resin suppliers.

Your Business Economic - February 2008 Outlook
Burgeoning growth of the medical industry in recent years has been accompanied by an increase in the amount of data and statistics that measure the health of the market for medical goods and services.

Your Business In Brief - February 2008
WEB EXCLUSIVE - Conair and Husky Jointly Offer PET SystemsThe Conair Group, Inc., Cranberry Township, Pa., and Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd., Bolton, Ont., have agreed to jointly supply complete PET preform manufacturing systems worldwide.

Your Business Market Outlook - February 2008
 Blow molding markets will have an average annual growth of 4.4% from 2007 to 2010, according to Mastio & Company’s latest U.S.


The Second Green Revolution
We are witnessing the start of a second Green Revolution.

What's Ahead for 'Green' Plastics: Look for More Supply, More Varieties, Better Properties
Major chemical companies are investing big bucks in new plants and technologies to produce plastics from annually renewable sources, not from petrochemicals.

Keeping Up With Technology

Acrylic Adhesive Fills Temperature Gap
A new permanent pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive is said to suit applications where temperatures are too high for a regular solvent acrylic adhesive but too low for a silicone adhesive.

Add a Servo Wrist To Top-Entry Robots
A new servo-wrist gripper that can transform a standard top-entry traversing robot into a six-axis model was introduced at K 2007 by Harmo of Japan, represented here by AEC, Schaumburg Ill., and Sterling, New Berlin, Wis.

Automated Lid System Is an Industry First
Brown Machine LLC, Beaverton,, Mich., and automation specialist DJS Systems Inc., Homer, Mich., have teamed up to offer a novel lid production system that incorporates a servo-actuated trim press and a three-tier lid automation and packaging system.

Bioplastic Takes Higher Heat In Thermoformed Packaging

Enhanced Universal Testers
A line of universal testing machines has been expanded to include four load capacities and three height combinations to suit most QC applications and laboratory requirements for testing materials and components.

Five-Axis Robot Handles Really Big Parts
A new five-axis, all-servo linear robot for large parts was unveiled at last fall’s K 2007 show by Sepro-Robotique of France, represented here by Sepro America LLC, Pittsburgh.

Fluorinated LSR Handles Fuels and Harsh Chemicals
A new fully fluorinated liquid silicone rubber from Dow Corning, Midland, Mich., combines the easy processing of LSR and the high temperature and fuel resistance of fluorosilicone rubber (FSR). Silastic 100% F-LSR is a two-part injection moldable elastomer for automotive engine components.

Halogen-Free Copolyester For Cable Insulation
WEB EXCLUSIVE — A new non-halogenated copolyester has been launched by DSM Engineering Plastics, Evansville, Ind., as an alternative to PVC for cable insulation in consumer electronics.

Hand-Held Static Monitor Checks Distance from Web
A new hand-held static detector, Model 983v2 Static Locator, was introduced at the recent K 2007 show in Germany by Meech International in the U.K. (U.S. office in Norton, Ohio). It uses automatic ultrasonic sensing of its distance from the surface being checked—such as film on a winder.

Hot-Runner Nozzles for Small and Cosmetic Parts

'Hybrid' Induction Barrel Heating Pays Off Even Faster
Xaloy Inc., New Castle, Pa., has come up with a more economical “hybrid” version of its nXheat induction heating system for injection machine barrels (previously named Indx). It combines power-saving induction heating in the feed zone with conventional heater bands in the downstream zones.

Inline Monitoring System Inspects PET Containers
A new in-line inspection device called PETView from Krones Inc., Franklin, Wis., monitors the quality of blow molded PET containers before they exit the machine, and any defects are immediately transmitted to a closed-loop temperature controller for correction.

In-Mold Painting for Long-Fiber PUR
A new in-mold painting process for long-glass reinforced polyurethane composite parts for cars, trucks, buses, and agricultural machinery was recently introduced by Germany’s KraussMaffei (U.S. headquarters in Florence, Ky.). With this in-mold painting approach, developed to produce smooth surfaces with the company’s LFI (long fiber injection) process, a paint layer is sprayed directly on the surface of the open mold.

Larger Foam-Core PVC Pipe
A completely redesigned die for three-layer PVC foam-core pipe now makes pipe up to 500 mm diam. at throughputs up to 3300 lb/hr.

Laser-Etch Your Own Pad-Printing Cliches
A simple CO2-laser device reportedly produces ready-to-use, high-quality pad-printing cliche plates with etched images of artwork for product decorating.

Micro-Molding Press For LSR Debuts
A new press for molding micro-size parts from liquid silicone rubber comes from Engel North America, York, Pa.

Microspheres 'Insulate' Blown Film
A half-dozen processors in the U.S. are testing small amounts of hollow polyacrylonitrile microspheres from Akzo Nobel’s Expancel Div. in Duluth, Ga., to make paper-like films that insulate hot food.

Mighty Tiny Compounders
Two machine builders have developed super-small, high-tech twin-screw extruders with segmented screws that are said to be truly scaleable machines.

More Efficient Infrared Heaters
New ceramic infrared heaters from Hotset Corp., Battle Creek, Mich., are claimed to be 25% more efficient than competitive models.

Multicavity Filling Control for Hot Runners

Multi-Drop Hot Runner For PLA Preforms
A high-cavitation hot-runner system designed specifically for molding bottle preforms of biodegradable polylactide (PLA) resins is offered by Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd., Bolton, Ont.

NaturalNano Launches Nylon Nanotube Concentrate

New Binders for UV and Radiation-Cure Coatings
Two new lines of UV-cure and radiation-cure coating binders for plastics were recently unveiled by Bayer MaterialScience’s Coatings, Adhesives and Sealants business unit (U.S. office in Pittsburgh). Products in both lines can also be used for dual-cure applications.

New Cooling Technique Is Adapted for Blow Molds
Ryka Molds Inc., Mississauga, Ont., is investigating blow molding applications for a new mold-cooling technology developed by RiTemp Technologies in Australia.

New Oxygen Scavengers Increase Shelf Life
New high-performance oxygen scavengers from Invista, Wichita, Kan., and Valspar Corp., Minneapolis, are said to significantly increase the oxygen barrier of PET containers.

New Relay Technology Extends Controller Life
New technology developed by Watlow, St.

Nine Extruders for Nine-Layer Blown Film
A nine-layer BXL blown film line now being built by Macro Engineering & Technology Inc., Mississauga, Ont., is its first with nine extruders.

Novel Soft-Touch PP Makes Debut In Auto Interiors
An unusual soft-touch polypropylene material is about to make its first appearance in auto interior components.

Partially Open-Celled Foam Is a First
Seksui Alveo AG in Switzerland has developed what is believed to be the first partially open-cell crosslinked polyolefin foam in roll form.

Permanent Antimicrobial Is Safe and Economical
A new polymeric solid antimicrobial is said to be a nontoxic, environmentally sustainable means of permanent protection for plastic products and costs far less than silver-based antimicrobials.

Portable Vertical-Format Spectrophotometers
Two new compact, lightweight, portable spectrophotometers in a vertical format boast advanced features such as Bluetooth wireless communication and a color LCD screen.

PP Resins for Clear Pouches and Rigid Packages
WEB EXCLUSIVE — Two new high-performance PP resins, one for multilayer food packaging, the other for transparent cast film applications such as retortable pouches, are available from LyondellBasell Industries (formerly Basell), Wilmington, Del.

Production Monitoring Now Includes Assembly
A new PC-based shop-floor assembly tracking system is available to supplement process and production monitoring of the molding machines making the parts for assembly.

'Self-Reinforced' PP Composites Are Making Waves
“Self-reinforced” all-polypropylene composites are making news on several fronts.

Side-Entry, Swing-Arm Robot Moves Fast

Slimmer Metal Detector For Plastic Webs
More compact aperture-type metal detectors are now available from Eriez Manufacturing Co., Erie, Pa.

Three-Axis Robot For Small Presses
A new all-servo robot targeting small machines and small parts comes from Wittmann Inc., Torrington, Conn.

Vacuum Collect Pellets And Fine Dust
A small industrial vacuum is specifically designed to address maintenance needs of plastic manufacturers, such as collecting plastic pellets and fine dust from around processing machines.

Vibratory Feeder for Precise Gravimetric Metering
A new vibratory gravimetric metering feeder was introduced at the recent K 2007 show by Brabender Technologie (North American office in Mississauga, Ont.). Its DualTray Feeder consists of two or more cylindrical feed modules, each with a semicircular feed tray across half its cross-section.

Wire and Cable Compounder Drops Lead Stabilizers

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