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May 2004

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Still the Next Big Thing
If this month’s cover story has a familiar ring to you, it’s because this is not the first time the big OPP breakthrough has been announced.

OPP Bottles: Has Their Time Come?
Maybe this time the often-predicted breakthrough will actually occur. What could make the difference are improved resins, clarifiers, and machinery.

Rheometers: Which Type Is Right for You?
Capillary and torque rheometers are good for simulating processing conditions, troubleshooting, and QC. But dynamic rotational instruments can tell you more about a resin's molecular structure.

Processor's Edge


Cure Feeder Problems in Twin-Screw Compounding
The dilemma for compounders with starve-fed twin-screw extruders is how to keep the formulation constant within the extruder barrel.

Close-Up on Technology

New Resins for Rotomolding
Several new commercial or experimental materials offer rotational molders higher stiffness, toughness, and processability in applications from toys to large storage tanks.

Three New Ways to Cut Costs Highlight Injection Molding Conference
New approaches to injection molding reduce costs by saving material, eliminating secondary operations, and allowing use of smaller presses.

Recycled PET/PE Alloys Show Promise In Monofilament, Pallets, Pipe
Alloys of polyethylene and recycled PET were the highlight of the annual SPE Global Plastics Environmental Conference (GPEC) in Detroit in February.


Economic Update - Inflation Pressures Are Under Control
U.S. manufacturers, especially plastics processors and toolmakers, have recently been buffeted by wave after wave of price increases in their raw materials.

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