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From Small Entrepreneur To Global Mega-Molder
Nypro Inc., one of the largest custom injection molders in the world, with 66 operations in 18 countries, started 50 years ago in a converted mill building in Clinton, Mass.

A Relic of Plastics’ Rough and Ready Days
In 1955, Allied Resins and Allied Resinous Products were prosperous, creative compounding and extrusion operations, respectively, situated across the street from each other in Conneaut, Ohio.

Thermoformer’s ‘Black Art’ Legacy Remains Today
While the thermoforming industry has made major strides in moving from black art to science in the last 50 years, there remains an unscientific element to the process that makes it a unique and challenging business.

Roller-Coaster History For Early Blow Molder
The history of Borse Plastics Products, an extrusion blow molder founded in 1963, reads like that of many other trailblazers in this process.

Nine-Layer Blown Film: Why It's a Challenge, What It Takes to Succeed
Eight years after nine-layer blown films were first introduced, only a handful of processors have mastered the challenges of making them. Machine suppliers are now setting up lab lines that could make entry easier.

Then and Now: 1955-2005 Processors Look Back on a Half-Century of Change
Last month, we reviewed how much has changed in processing technology since this magazine was launched in 1955.

Then and Now
Last month, we pulled out the stops for our 50th Anniversary issue, in which we reviewed the 50 most important technical developments of the last half-century.


Resin and Energy Prices Will Stay High Through Winter
The overall U.S. economy will continue to expand at a sustainable rate during the next few quarters, but energy prices are expected to remain at high levels.

Close-Up on Technology

New Version of RIM for Electronics Encapsulation
A new, patented technology that is an offshoot of RIM has been developed by CardXX of Englewood, Colo., to encapsulate electronics into “smart cards.” It is now available for license.

High-Melt-Strength PP Makes Softer, Lighter Foams
A new high-melt-strength (HMS) polypropylene is said to be especially suited to foam extrusion because it makes much softer foams than other HMS-PP grades.


Eliminate Blemishes on Cosmetic Parts
Black specks, streaks, or poor color mixing are the most common problems that mar the appearance of cosmetic injection molded parts.

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