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Drying Supplement 2014


Bozzelli’s Dozen Drying Tips
There’s a lot to know about drying—enough to fill a book, at least. But for now, here are a dozen details you need to know, from seasoned injection molding consultant and Scientific Molding trainer John Bozzelli. Scroll down and take his quiz.

Bozzelli’s Guide To Specifying A Dryer
Here's a list of 17 things to do when looking for new drying equipment.

Raise the Bar on Drying: Savvy Processors Reveal Best Practices
The processors speak: Here’s how some smart molders and extruders tackle the vexing problem of resin drying.

Why (and What) You Need to Dry
Other than polyolefins, almost every other polymer exhibits some level of polarity and therefore can absorb a certain amount of moisture from the atmosphere. Here’s a look at some of these materials, and what needs to be done to dry them.


Time to Shed Some Light on Drying
Learn from the experts, including savvy processors, on how to get drying done right.

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