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Starting Up

New Supplier of Pipe Extrusion Equipment
There’s a new company supplying complete extrusion systems for solid-wall pipe production.

Conair & Rapid Joined by Shredder Maker
Move expands Rapid’s range of product offerings in size reduction.

Sumitomo (SHI ) Demag Opens U.S. Technology Center in Ohio
Facility will be used for customer mold trials, machine demonstrations, technology testing, and hands-on training.

Borealis Acquires LLDPE & Plastomer Lines From DSM and ExxonMobil
Acquisition consists of DSM’s Stamylex LLDPE brand name and product line and ExxonMobil’s Exact metallocene plastomer products.

New Machinery Debuts at Negri Bossi, Sacmi Open House
New preform system, all-electric press among the highlights.

PolyOne Sells PVC Resin Business, Forms New Sheet Division
Spartech is now a newly formed business segment called Designed Structures and Solutions (DDS).

First Film Based on Nylon 410
Applications in flexible food packaging, building/construction, medical, more.

New Nylons Produced with 100% Renewable Monomer
WEB EXCLUSIVE: China’s Cathay Industrial Biotech (U.S. office in Powell, Ohio) has developed a new line of nylons produced with a novel, proprietary technology that produces 1,5-pentane diamine monomer from sugar cane, making it 100% renewable.

New Firm Offers PVC Compounds Free of Phthalates & Heavy Metals
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Axiall Corp., Atlanta, the new company that resulted earlier this year from the merger or Georgia Gulf and PPG Industries’ commodities chemicals business, has developed flexible and rigid PVC compounds that replace phthalates and heavy-metal stabilizers with organic alternatives.

Compostable Drinking Straws from PLA
WEB EXCLUSIVE: A proprietary PLA-based bioplastic from Cereplast, Inc., El Segundo, Calif., is being used in new compostable drinking straws sold under the Cello-Green Bio Straws brand by Cell-O-Core Co., Wadsworth, Ohio.

LCPs in New High-Speed, High-Density Electronic Connectors
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Samtec, Inc., New Albany, Ind., a worldwide manufacturer of electronic interconnects, is using two families of liquid-crystal polymers from Ticona, Florence, Ky., in its new Seam/Seaf Series of high-speed, high-density connectors.


Opening the Doors to New Technology And Gains for Processors
After a few years of scaling back due to sluggish sales worldwide, machine builders have once more turned their attention and investment dollars to R&D to develop new solutions for plastics processors.

Growth Accelerates for Processors
With a March reading of 53.2, the Plastics Processors’ Business Index showed growth for the third consecutive month.

Appliances to Grow (Finally) in 2013
Two factors will prompt growth in appliance demand this year. First is the continuing recovery in the residential construction and real estate markets. The other factor that will prop up demand for appliances in 2013 is the fact that the durable goods in American homes are aging.


Extrusion Without Discolored Specks
Specks are a common problem in extrusion, and avoiding them requires a two-pronged approach: First, figure out how many specks are in the incoming raw material; then minimize those caused during the extrusion process.


This Blow Molder Tackles Technical Parts That Others Won’t Touch
Tom Boyd is used to incredulous looks from potential customers.

Conveying, Drying, Crystallizing PLA : The Energy-Saving Packaging Solution
When the new industry term “bioresins” hit the plastics community in the early 2000s, polylactic acid (PLA ) made its way to the top of the list in a class of new plant-based materials.

Advantages of Servo-Driven Hydraulics For Large Injection Machines
As injection molders continue to work to find ways to optimize their processes, energy efficiency continues to be a primary area of concern.

Hourly Rates

Custom Molders Had Strong 2012
Custom injection molders’ capacity utilization jumped almost 9 percentage points from mid-year to December 2012, hitting an average of 59%, back to the high levels of 2010 and the first half of 2011.

Keeping Up With Technology

AUXILIARIES: Vacuum Dryer Redesigned For Trouble-Free Operation
Still reportedly provides substantial reductions in drying time and energy consumption relative to desiccant dryers.

AUXILIARIES: Central Material Handling System Boasts Greater Control
RFID user management, lot management, WiMaTrace lot traceability, and OPC connectivity are available through a license from Wittmann Battenfeld.

AUXILIARIES: Super-Compact Granulators For Bulky Parts
Four models available at trhoughputs to 450 lb/hr.

INJECTION MOLDING: Press Configured as Self- Contained Clean Room
Setup reportedly meets ISO Class 7 (Class 10,000) and is said to be fully compliant with FDA and GAMP requirements, as well as DQ, IQ, and OQ documentation. Has since been applied to dust-free molding of automotive trim.

EXTRUSION: Higher-Pressure Gas Injection For Microcellular Foams
Applicable to extrusion and blow molding operations.

MATERIALS: Improved FR TPEs for Wire & Cable
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Advances in both formulation and compounding technologies have enabled Teknor Apex Co., Pawtucket, R.I., to develop a new family of TPE compounds for wire and cable that are RoHS and REACH compliant.

MATERIALS: PEEK Compounds with High-Modulus Carbon Fiber
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Victrex Polymer Solutions, Conshohocken, Pa., has developed a series of enhanced Victrex PEEK compounds that incorporate high-modulus carbon fibers for a boost in strength and stiffness and weight-reduction potential.

MATERIALS: Olefin Block Copolymers for More Elastic Blown Films
WEB EXCLUSIVE: The Hygiene and Medical business of Dow Chemical Co., Midland, Mich., has introduced new grades of its high-molecular weight Infuse OBCs (Olefin Block Copolymers) for blown films.

MATERIALS: New UV-Stabilized, Toughened Acetal for Auto Interiors
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Ticona, Florence, Ky., has developed a new blend technology that is said to overcome issues with previous impact-modified acetals.

Resin Prices

PE, PVC Prices Up; PP, PS Softening
Polyethylene and PVC prices moved up, while PP and PS prices were headed down by the end of the first quarter and into April.

Close-Up on Technology

First PVC Long-Fiber Composites Debut
SolVin has developed technology that allows production of what are said to be the world’s first PVC long- or continuous-fiber composites. 

Processor's Edge

Thermoset Molding Drives DMP’s Growth in Mexico
Dickten Masch using time-tested thermoset processing at Mexico plant to expand presence in automotive.

Know How

Dimensional Stability after Molding—Part 5
All materials possess a property called the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE). The vast majority of materials increase in size as their temperature increases and decrease in size as their temperature declines.

Take a Scientific Approach to Troubleshooting
Taking a scientific approach minimizes the 'art' of molding, which is particularly helpful when troubleshooting

The Cause of Catastrophic Screw Wear
Erratic feeding can be the culprit. This is not uncommon when dealing with recycled material.

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