November 1999


A Vision of the (Electric) Future

If you're a skeptic about electric servo drives, the Tokyo plastics show would have made you a believer.


Two additives based on new nucleator chemistry from Japan offer molders and thermoformers of polypropylene new tools for improving productivity. They also offer sparkling clarity in PP packaging.

In Auxiliary Equipment--Small Is Big

Auxiliary equipment is shrinking to catch up with a growing market for small precision parts. Dryers, loaders, blenders, grinders, and chillers have all dropped in size for accuracy and fast product changeovers.

Polyurethane Foam Industry Prepares for 'Zero ODP'

HFCs, pentanes, and blends are all in the running for next-generation rigid insulation foams. SPI's PUR Conference provided a status report.

Putting Blender Accuracy To the Test

When you look at competing claims for gravimetric batch blenders, the issue is accuracy. Virtually all makers of the equipment claim similar accuracy, but the numbers appear to mean different things to different people. You need to know what counts for you and how to test accuracy with your own resin and regrind.

Thermoforming Close-Up

Exhibits by three new or relatively little-known suppliers of forming machines were among of the highlights of the SPE's Ninth Annual Thermoforming Conference, which was held last month in Chicago.

CW Brabender
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