April 2005

Close-Up on Technology

Convey Pellets Around Corners Without Generating Dust and Fines
It's a common problem that goes by a lot of names: dust, fines, streamers, angel hair.

Higher-Performing Biopolymers Seek New Market Opportunities
A new generation of biodegradable polymers is going beyond conventional applications like bags and disposable cutlery and packaging.

New Irradiated Polyethylenes Boost Processing and Performance
For decades, makers of polyethylene wire and cable, shrink tubing, hot and cold water piping, sheet, and foam have used radiation crosslinking to enhance the thermal and mechanical properties of their products.

Organic PVC Stabilizers Move from Europe to U.S.
A line of organic PVC heat stabilizers designed to replace heavy-metal stabilizers in environmentally sensitive European markets is now gaining a foothold in North America.

Processor's Edge

Exotic Bottle Shapes Push the Limit
It takes some nerve and a lot of know-how to be on the cutting edge of blow molding today.


Expandable Bead Molding Goes High-Tech
The leading edge of EPS and EPP technology is multi-step processes, molding EPS into and around other parts, coating it, or using it as a coating—all in one cycle and fully automated.

The Next Generation of Multi-Component Molding
Multi-shot and coinjection molding techniques are staking out new territory. Mach ines are getting larger and are combining more materials or colors in more sophisticated and imaginative ways.

Who You Gonna Call? Hoax Busters!
It's about time.

CW Brabender
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