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Starting Up

First Biodegradable Toothpaste Tube
Tectubes in Sweden (U.S. plant in Vineland, N.J.) has come out with what it claims is the first biodegradable toothpaste tube.

DAK Americas Completes Eastman Acquisition
Last month, DAK Americas LLC, Charlotte, N.C., completed its purchase of the integrated PET and PTA business of Eastman Chemical Co., Kingsport, Tenn.

Foamed PET Bottles for Beer
Now the foam isn’t just on top of the beer, it’s all around it.

Preform Cooling Method Boosts Bottle Output
A preform-cooling system developed by W.


Taking the Temperature of Mold Productivity
Increasing traffic in transfer tooling from molders that have shuttered operations or are unable to successfully produce parts is driving interest in a long-established but under-utilized diagnostic technique for injection molding.

On Site: Growth Through Innovation in Medical Tubing
By focusing on high-tech, quick-turnaround, turnkey solutions, Putnam Plastics has grown into a leader in the field of medical extrusion.

Know How

Pay Attention to Your Nozzle Body & Tip
These are overlooked components that can cost you thousands.

Making a Part for the First Time? Here’s How to Get Going
First time parison programming for a new part can be lengthy and tedious. Here's some advice on making the process a bit easier

Create a Maintenance Work (Bench) Cell
Get better results by improving the organization of your mold-maintenance operation.

Keeping Up With Technology

AUXILIARIES: Gentler More Economical Method of High-Volume Pneumatic Conveying
For high-volume pneumatic conveying in plastics resin and compounding plants, the standard today is dense-phase conveying, whereby the resin moves in “plugs” with low velocity and high pressure.

MATERIALS: Heinz Ketchup Converts to Biobased Bottle
WEB EXCLUSIVE: The sauce is red, but the new bottle is green—that is, based partly on renewable, plant-based feedstocks.

MATERIALS: New Clear Plastics for Medical Devices
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Three more suppliers at MD&M West brought out clear, hard plastic grades for medical uses.

MATERIALS: Two Medical TPEs Debut
WEB EXCLUSIVE: At the recent MD&M West show in Anaheim, Calif., two suppliers introduced medical-grade TPE compounds.

MATERIALS: Audi Selects Unpainted PP for Inner Door Panel
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Audi in Germany has selected a new Softell PP copolymer compound from LyondellBasell (U.S. office in Wilmington, Del.) for the rear inner door panel of its new A1 model.

MATERIALS: More Price Increases This Month
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Even before the effect of Middle East unrest on oil prices could ripple through the petrochemical/plastics industry, fresh price hikes were announced for early March in nylon, polyolefin wire/cable compounds, and thermoset polyesters.

MATERIALS: More Capacity in Resins & Compounding
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Three expansions in resin production and three in compounding were announced recently.

MATERIALS: Improved Purging Compound Does More with Less
New & Improved Dyna-Purge M is an upgrade of the most versatile and widely used purging compound from Dyna-Purge Div. of Shuman Plastics, Inc., Depew, N.Y.

MATERIALS: New Sheet Grades of PC and ABS
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Newly formed Styron LLC (formerly part of Dow Chemical), Midland, Mich., brought out two new sheet extrusion resins.

WEB EXCLUSIVE: BASF Corp., Wyandotte, Mich., introduced what it calls “the world’s softest TPU.” Elastollan Soft has 38A Shore hardness.


Wood On Plastics: Automotive Rebounds Nicely
The trend is clearly rising, as we're projecting a gain of 15-18% from last year's rock bottom lows.

Practical Processor
Your processing questions answered.

Hidden Heroes Are Due Recognition
Take the time to nominate someone in your company.

Resin Prices

Prices of PP, PS Up, Flat for PE & PVC--For Now
The second quarter will bring a risk of higher prices for PE, PS, and PVC, driven primarily by higher feedstock costs and a strong rebound of exports.


Four Keys to Consistent Tubing
Because of their use in critical applications, processors of medical tubing have little or no room for error.

Close-Up on Technology

Bonanza of Hot Runners & Controls Introduced at K 2010 Show
At the world’s largest plastics show in Dusseldorf last fall, hot-runner and controller manufacturers introduced a flood of new developments in speed, size, accuracy, and reliability.

Virtual Reality Software Saves Time & Cost in Color Formulation
Color is a measurable property, but it is also a subjective quality dependent on individual perception.

Processor's Edge

From the Ashes, A More Efficient Film Operation Emerges
Three years after a fire destroyed most of its operation, Tex-Trude came back as a more productive extrusion business.

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