August 2007

Close-Up on Technology

Dual-Cure PUR Coatings Boost Performance Of In-Mold Decorating Films
A new version of in-mold decorating technology, developed initially for exterior auto body components, uses dual-cure coating technology to provide a paint film that is both stretchable for good thermoformability and also provides the high gloss and durability of conventional paints.

New Injection Machines and Processes To Debut at K 2007
A brand-new line of all-electric machines priced on par with comparable hydraulic presses and the first public demonstration of insert molding RFID chips into plastic parts will be two highlights of the Engel display at the mammoth K 2007 show in Dusseldorf, Germany, this October.

Processor's Edge

Abracadabra, KaZaK!
KaZaK Composites Inc. in Woburn, Mass., is not your average pultruder. “We’re fundamentally different from every other pultruder,” says founder Jerry Fanucci, an aerospace engineer with a Ph.D. from MIT.

Starting Up

Your Business In Brief - August 2007
GE Sets Up Center For Auto GlazingGE Plastics, Pittsfield, Mass., has opened its first Automotive Glazing Center of Excellence in Bergen Op Zoom, Netherlands.

Your Business Outlook - August 2007
Domestic production of injection molded housewares will rise by at least 12% in 2007 after a flat 2006 and a drop of 18% in 2005.

Your Business Pricing Update - August 2007
Commodity resin prices moved up haltingly, though polystyrene prices promptly fell back.


3D Molding Simulation Growing in Accuracy & Capabilities
New developments in 3D simulation can handle processes like gas assist, coinjection, and multi-shot molding and add features like birefringence prediction.

Recycling E-Plastics New Material Stream Brings Its Own Set of Problems
Brominated flame retardants restrict its use. Most now goes to China, but new recycling processes promise to ‘clean up’ e-waste.

Squeezing Out The Middle Market
A moment of silence, please, for the final passing of Van Dorn.

Keeping Up With Technology

750-ml PET Wine Bottle Debuts in North America
North America's fi rst full-size (750-ml) PET wine bottle features the MonOxbar monolayer barrier system from Constar International Inc. in Philadelphia.

Amines Slow Polyurea Cure
Three new liquid secondary aliphatic polyetheramines signifi cantly slow the curing of polyurea and PUR systems to provide more open time and control in specialized elastomer, sealant, adhesive, and coating applications.

Barrier Screw Ups Output Of Olefinic Film and Sheet
When Spirex Corp., Youngstown, Ohio, introduced its Quantum barrier screw at NPE last year, it reported impressive performance improvements in plasticating for injection molding.

Bike-Racing Helmet Uses Formed Shells and Inserts
A high-performance, ultra-light bicycle racing helmet uses two thermoformed shells made of PC sheet, supplied by Sheffi eld Plastics Inc., Sheffi eld, Mass., along with a complex insert-molding process that incorporates carbon and titanium components.

Carbon Nanotubes Now Give More for Less
New carbon nanotube compounds from RTP Co., Winona, Minn., are said to offer substantial performance and cost improvements over previous grades.

Controller Runs Robot And 31 Auxiliaries, Too
A new Windows-based robot controller that can also control up to 31 auxiliary devices is new from Harmo of Japan, represented here by AEC, Wood Dale, Ill., and Sterling, New Berlin, Wis.

Convert Manual Air Ring To Auto Gauge Control
Future Design Inc., Mississauga, Ont., has developed its fi rst automatic gauge-control device for blown fi lm.

Cost-Saving Ink Reservoir For Pad Printers
A patented ink reservoir system for pad printers uses an aluminum frame to hold inexpensive, disposable PP ink-cup liners.

Dual-Motor Deckle for Extrusion Coating Is Automatic
A spring-loaded external deckle for extrusion coating dies is the fi rst device to allow automatic, computer-controlled adjustment of coating widths, according to EDI Extrusion Dies Industries LLC, Chippewa Falls, Wis.

Epoxy Adheres to LCP In Electronic Packaging
Proprietary epoxies are claimed to be the fi rst to bond to a range of liquid crystal polymers (LCPs) for fabricating air-cavity packaging for sensors and other electronics.

Extrude Rigid PVC Three Times Faster
A new mixing section called the Elongator from Randcastle Extrusion Systems Inc., Cedar Grove, N.J., is a spiral version of the company's fl uted Recirculator mixing section.

Frosted Look Is Molded in Thick-Wall PET Bottles
Two new color masterbatches that give a frosted-glass look to PET bottles or thermoformed containers for cosmetics, alcoholic beverages, and other high-end consumer goods come from Ampacet Corp., Tarrytown, N.Y.

Get Smoother Bumps In Micro-Bore Tubing
New, more intuitive software on Conair's MedLine puller allows it to switch from straight to bump tubing (or vice versa) with a push of a button.

High-Barrier TPE For Medical Uses
A new line of TPEs from GLS Corp., McHenry, Ill., boasts more than 10 times the oxygen barrier of conventional TPEs, making it thereby equivalent to thermoset butyl rubber for healthcare packaging and delivery systems.

Induction Barrel Heating Saves Energy Big-Time
A novel method of heating injection barrels by electromagnetic induction will be unveiled at the K 2007 show in Dusseldorf in October by Xaloy Inc., New Castle, Pa.

Larger Weigh Blender For Extrusion
A larger model with 18 kg (40 lb) capacity has been added to the Guardian of batch gravimetric blenders from Process Control Corp., Atlanta.

Less Costly Carbide Coat For Twin-Screw Elements
A new alternative to welding a 3-mm overlay of tungsten carbide onto twinscrew elements for abrasion resistance is brazing a 1-mm layer of tungsten-carbide-loaded cloth.

Long-Fiber Compounds With Color, FR or UV
A new line of long-fi ber compounds from GE Plastics/LNP Specialty Compounds, Exton, Pa., provides a "single-pellet" solution for structural compounds that require color, fl ame retardance, or weatherability.

Modifier for PLA Food Packaging
A new family of additives to improve the performance of polylactic acid (PLA) biopolymer packaging, has been expanded to include a FDA-compliant grade for food contact.

Mold Mono- or Multi-Layer PET Preforms
The HyPET line of PET preform molding machines from Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd., Bolton, Ont., now comes with an option to mold multi-layer or monolayer preforms.

New Mixing Section Blends Painted Regrind
A new mixing section being developed by Robert Malloy, chairman of the Plastics Engineering Dept. at the Univ. of Massachusetts-Lowell, reduces the size of paint particles in reground painted plastics, yielding improved mechanical properties.

New Source for Heat and Light Stabilizers
A series of additives for polyolefi ns comes from South Korea's Songwon Industrial Co., Ltd.

Portable Dispensing Unit For PUR Foam
A new portable polyurethane foam and adhesive dispensing system from GlasCraft Inc., Indianapolis, reportedly provides 20% greater heat transfer and 15% better material yield than previous systems.

PPA, PET, & LCP Resins For High-Heat E/E Parts
At the K 2007 show in Dusseldorf in October, DuPont Engineering Polymers, Wilmington, Del., will be highlighting a number of recent developments including several high-heat resins for electrical/electronic applications.Corrosion-free Zytel HTN PPAs are for electrical circuits and connectors in high-temperature automotive environments.

PVC Vineyard Post Made with Chiseled End
The fi rst plastic vineyard post is being extruded by Westech Building Products, Mt.

Robot Has 360o Wrist
A new beam-mounted, fi ve-axis servo robot has a dual servo wrist designed for part reorientation and degating operations.

Room-Temperature Cure For 450 F Adhesive
A reportedly unique epoxy adhesive cures at room temperature but maintains strong bonds exceeding 3100 psi (in shear) at 400 to 450 F.

Screwless Micro Feeder To Debut at K 2007
A new model of Micro Cone low-rate feeder (volumetric or gravimetric) will be introduced at the K 2007 show in Dusseldorf in October by K-Tron Process Group, Pitman, N.J.

Soft TPV Bonds To Engineering Resins
A new softer version of Santoprene olefi nic TPV from ExxonMobil Chemical, Houston, reportedly bonds to engineering thermoplastics.

Software Helps Select Mold Gear Racks, Etc.
New free, downloadable PC software helps a mold designer review and select mechanical transmission components for injection tooling such as gear racks, threaded cores, cog wheels, bearings, helical spindles, and nuts.

Speedier Machine For Industrial Containers
A new continuous-extrusion blow molder for industrial containers is said to signifi cantly improve output.

Test Instruments from a New Source
Bose Corp.’s Electroforce Systems Div., Eden Prairie, Minn., recently developed a line of mechanical test instruments based on the same frictionless linear motor used in Bose’s audio speakers.

Tunnel-Gate Inserts Handle Up to 1.1-Kg Shot
A new line of tunnel-gate inserts that allow the injection point to be positioned where desired-even deep inside a molded part-comes from DMS (North America), Old Castle, Ont.

Two Robots on One Beam
A new system of two servo robots mounted on a single traverse beam is aimed at two-shot molding or partshandling tasks inside and outside of the mold.

Valve-Gate Controller For Small Parts
New valve-gate controllers for small precision parts use solid-state timers and relays for cost savings and increased operating durability.

Worker Certification Arrives for Blown Film
The Canadian Plastics Sector Council in Ottawa, a human resources organization for plastics processing, released its newest Certifi ed Plastics Practitioner Program, aimed at blown fi lm.

Zap Static on Parts
Avoid static shocks to workers and charges that attract dirt onto parts with a new static-control system that can be installed on a machine in the mold ejection area or over partscollection and delivery tubs.

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