May 1999


Extrusion Goes 'Just in Time' With Quick Die Changers

Two unusual new processes from Germany allow changes of profile, pipe, and pelletizing dies in just a few seconds.

Have You Seen Plastics Technology Today?

Are you a news junkie? Want a daily "fix" of news about plastics? If so, we've got your medicine.

Photo-Graftable UV Absorber Gets the Yellow Out

Sanduvor PR-25, a uv absorber based on new photo-reactive chemistry, was aimed primarily at coatings when it was first launched a couple of years ago. Since then it has made headway in clear plastics, including flexible PVC, polycarbonate, PET, and other engineering thermoplastics.

Rapid Prototyping Goes Faster & Smoother

Thanks to a new dual-spot laser and other enhancements, the latest stereolithography machine from 3D Systems, Valencia, Calif., offers speed and surface-finish improvements crucial to rapid-tooling applications.

The Future of CIM

Before long, the most important tool for managing your plant may be an internet browser. Here's a look at one "cybermolder" that's already on line.

Time for a Switch to Electric Heater Rolls?

Web processors and converters who use liquid-heated rollers for orienting, annealing, laminating, and embossing should take a look at recent advances in electric-heated rolls. You could get better temperature control with less maintenance and downtime.

Virtual Thermoforming--Ready for Prime Time?

Process simulation for thermoforming is still new and far from perfected. Yet a small but growing band of processors are discarding trial-and-error methods in favor of simulation as a shortcut to optimizing quality.

What's Behind the Chrome Plate? Coinjection & Gas-Assist Molding

There's a lot more to Siegel-Robert Inc. today than just a shiny surface. Known as the world's largest electroplater of plastics, the St. Louis-based firm plates 300,000 sq ft of plastic each day at five facilities.

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