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What's Behind the Chrome Plate? Coinjection & Gas-Assist Molding

There's a lot more to Siegel-Robert Inc. today than just a shiny surface. Known as the world's largest electroplater of plastics, the St. Louis-based firm plates 300,000 sq ft of plastic each day at five facilities.

Photo-Graftable UV Absorber Gets the Yellow Out

Sanduvor PR-25, a uv absorber based on new photo-reactive chemistry, was aimed primarily at coatings when it was first launched a couple of years ago. Since then it has made headway in clear plastics, including flexible PVC, polycarbonate, PET, and other engineering thermoplastics.

Extrusion Goes 'Just in Time' With Quick Die Changers

Two unusual new processes from Germany allow changes of profile, pipe, and pelletizing dies in just a few seconds.

Rapid Prototyping Goes Faster & Smoother

Thanks to a new dual-spot laser and other enhancements, the latest stereolithography machine from 3D Systems, Valencia, Calif., offers speed and surface-finish improvements crucial to rapid-tooling applications.

The Future of CIM

Before long, the most important tool for managing your plant may be an internet browser. Here's a look at one "cybermolder" that's already on line.

Time for a Switch to Electric Heater Rolls?

Web processors and converters who use liquid-heated rollers for orienting, annealing, laminating, and embossing should take a look at recent advances in electric-heated rolls. You could get better temperature control with less maintenance and downtime.

Virtual Thermoforming--Ready for Prime Time?

Process simulation for thermoforming is still new and far from perfected. Yet a small but growing band of processors are discarding trial-and-error methods in favor of simulation as a shortcut to optimizing quality.

Have You Seen Plastics Technology Today?

Are you a news junkie? Want a daily "fix" of news about plastics? If so, we've got your medicine.

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