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April 2004

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Close-Up on Technology

Nylon RIM Expands into Niche Applications
Nylon reaction injection molding has made slow, steady progress in Europe over the past decade, and a new supplier hopes the time is right for a market push in North America.

Blow Molding Simulation: Ready for Prime Time?
Efforts have been made to simulate the extrusion blow molding process for at least a decade, but actual use has been slow to take hold.

Lightweight TP Composite Takes the Driver's Seat
A lightweight version of Azdel glass-reinforced polypropylene sheet is gaining ground in a host of new automotive applications.

Hydraulic Press Maker Gets Back into Composites
Temperature control on compression molding presses for thermoset sheet and bulk molding compounds typically does not have to be all that precise.

New Approach to IR Welding Bonds More Engineering Plastics
Kubota Research Associates (KRA), a U.S.-based research and development firm, has introduced an advanced method for through-transmission infrared (TTIR) welding of sensitive plastic parts.

They've Been Working on the Railroad
Composite RR ties could finally be on their way to becoming the next big thing in plastic lumber. They are attracting interest from makers of marine pilings, another category of structural wood replacements.


Strategies: Injection Molder Returns to Hydraulics

Information Is Power
It’s the power to run your plant and machines better and more profitably. Today’s process and production monitoring systems put that information in the palm of your hand.

In-Mold Labeling: Electrostatics Are the Way to Go
Applying a static charge to hold the label in the injection mold eliminates the need for vacuum ports that addsignificantly to the cost of making and maintaining the tool.

Close to My Heart
Okay, call me a geek if you like, but I’m going to say it: Process and production monitoring, the topic of this month’s cover story, has been near and dear to me for the last 20 years.

Processor's Edge

Injection Molder Returns to Hydraulics
 After six years of buying only all-electric injection machines, why would a molder switch back to hydraulic presses?

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