February 2001

Processor's Edge

In the Cold and Dark, TPE Molder Helps Turn the Power Back OnStorm clouds that gathered over Quebec in January 1998 held the proverbial silver lining for an innovative molder in the town of St-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

Starting Up

Your Business in Brief - February 2001
BP & Solvay Swap Resin BusinessesBP of the U.K. and Solvay of Belgium have agreed to several major transactions to realign their respective polymer businesses.


Get in the 'Zone'

Have you ever wished you had a secretary to page through each issue of PLASTICS TECHNOLOGY and earmark just the articles related to your job? Well, here's a "virtual" alternative. It's on our website (, and we call it the "Zones." It's part of our website's new look that's designed to deliver the information you want more directly.

Keep Machines Running in Top Form With New Software ‘Wizards'

Help has arrived for overworked plant managers, process technicians, and maintenance personnel. It comes in the form of three new Windows-based "Smart Manufacturing" software modules from Hunkar Laboratories, Inc. in Cincinnati. Hunkar's Smart Manufacturing philosophy is based on the principle of pre-emptive problem solving, which translates into "Fix it before it's broke."

Medical Tubing Coextrusion Brings A New Level of Care

Coextrusion is on the increase in tubing for medical uses, with more layers, more exotic materials, and much thinner walls. These require unprecedented levels of dimensional accuracy and flaw detection.

New Software Makes 3D CAD Easier To Learn, Use and Afford
You can now can leapfrog the previous obstacles of cost, complexity, and a long learning curve.

Rapid Prototyping: Pretty Soon, You Won't Be Able To Get Along Without It

Bigger, faster, more accurate machines and more durable materials threaten to make "RP" indispensable for product and tool development. Molders also find RP models aid accurate price quoting. Next up: ‘rapid manufacturing' of production parts.

Sequential Gating & Gas Assist Team Up for the First Time

Two fast-growing injection molding techniques—valve-gate sequencing and gas-assist technology—have come together in one application for what is said to be the first time. The part that united the two technologies was a 14 x 30 in. x 120-130 mil computer panel being converted to plastic from metal by Hewlett-Packard Co. in Roseville, Calif. It posed a number of process problems that were best solved by combining the two procedures.

Tooling Advances Let Rotomolders Make New Kinds of Parts

Sixteen-foot-long dump-truck bodies weighing over 1100 lb and the new ability to make hollow parts with internal ribs and other solid sections are just two of many striking new developments in rotomolding technology. Last month, we reported on several machinery innovations that were presented at the annual fall conference of the Association of Rotational Molders (ARM). This story examines recent advances in tooling, materials, and additives.

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