December 2002

Close-Up on Technology

Barrier Coating, Hot Filling And More PET Bottle Machinery News
PET blow molding machinery supplier SIG Corpoplast in Hamburg, Germany, used its annual International Technology Conference in October to announce a new barrier-coating system and several other new developments in PET preform machines and reheat stretch-blow units.

Disposable Packaging Goes 'Natural'
A compostable "natural" composite developed by EarthShell Corp. is likely to have a broad impact on disposable packaging markets, company sources say.

Processor's Edge

From Down Under, A New Giant in PET Bottles
Amcor Ltd. in Melbourne, Australia, recently emerged as a global leader in PET soft-drink, water, liquor, and custom food bottles.

Starting Up

Your Business in Brief - December 2002
Crompton Buys Basell’s InterloyCrompton Corp., Middlebury, Conn., has acquired the Interloy business and non-exclusive rights to Hivalloy technology from Basell Polyolefins, Wilmington, Del.

Your Business Outlook - December 2002
Mastio and Company forecasts 6% average annual growth for injection molded lids, caps, closures, and overcaps through 2006. Injection molded lids (non-threaded snap-ons), caps (threaded, non-dispensing closures), closures (threaded dispensing caps), and overcaps (rigid caps that snap over sprayers and pumps) consume about 1.7 billion lb of plastics


Automotive Innovation Trend-Setting Technologies Garner SPE Awards
Paintless in-mold film decorating and carbon-fiber composites are making inroads in appearance and structural parts. Blow molding is finding new interior applications. And long-fiber thermoplastics are cutting weight and cost on the inside and outside of new passenger vehicles.

How to Compare Barrier Screws
When processors asked screw designer Robert Dray how to compare different types of barrier screws, he modeled melting capacity based on the biggest single factor, solids channel area. It gives a quick way to evaluate barrier-screw designs.

Micro Molds Make Micro Parts
Molded parts barely visible to the naked eye require non-traditional methods for making high-precision micro-injection molds. Micro-tooling R&D is being led by technology institutes, research firms, and a few highly specialized mold makers.

Small World
Can you find the micro part in this picture?

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