January 2006

Close-Up on Technology

Nanoscale Additive Blends Both Compatibilize and Toughen
A new family of acrylic block copolymers is said to be easily mixed into nanoscale dispersions with various thermoplastics, thermosets, and elastomers—and to be miscible with those matrix polymers.

SPE Automotive Awards Highlight Materials and Processing Advances
What’s new in plastics on cars?

SPE Blow Molding Conference Shows Ways to Boost Productivity
A rotary wheel machine that sets a new standard for high-volume blow molding of motor-oil bottles was one of the major announcements at the recent SPE Blow Molding Conference in Toledo.

Processor's Edge

Family-Run Molder and Mold Maker Prospers for More Than 50 Years
 How does a small, family-owned custom molder remain competitive for 53 years without multiple plants, offshore clients, a specialized market niche, or unique leading-edge technology?


Four Ways to Fight Sky-High Resin Prices
There are lots of ways to economize on resin costs, but here are four that you may have overlooked: negotiating smarter resin contracts, buying “futures,” using recycled resins, and more efficient purging aids. The main idea is to give yourself more choices, no matter what direction resin prices go.

High-Precision Thermoforming: It's Putting the Pressure in Injection Molding
A look at the production of a high-tech medical device shows why pressure forming has injection molders looking over their shoulders. Complex shapes, undercuts, snap-fits, precise styling lines—all of these are within the capabilities of today’s industrial thermoformers.

New Year’s Resolutions
Each year I make promises to myself that I probably won’t keep: Get more exercise, clean up my office and the spare room at home, make a few repairs around the house.

Polyurethanes: Fine-Tuning 'Green' Foams
With the switch to ‘cleaner’ blowing agents nearly complete, the priority now is tweaking foam formulations for optimal performance and cost.

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