March 2000

Processor's Edge

Catch a Falling Company
Peter Schulz had recently retired from Hoechst Celanese in Dallas, and Richard Nurse was a consultant, when both were called in to help shape up BPI Packaging Technologies Inc. in North Dighton, Mass.

Starting Up

Pricing Update - March 2000
Buyers Balk at Barrage of Price HikesDespite strong demand and rising feedstock prices, resin suppliers bumped up against resistance last month to higher tabs for PE, PP, PVC, and PS.

Recycle Pricing Update - March 2000
Prices Up for Most Recycled ResinsFollowing the volatile virgin-resin market, prices for recycled grades of PET, polystyrene, and PVC have soared in recent months.

Your Business in Brief - March 2000
Phillips & Chevron Merge Plastics UnitsPhillips Petroleum Co. of Bartlesville, Okla., and Chevron Corp. of Houston plan to form a 50/50 joint venture combining their global chemicals and plastics businesses.


Experts Predict the Next Big Thing in Thermoforming

What changes are in store for thermoforming in this decade? We polled nine industry experts on new developments to watch out for in materials, machinery, tooling, and controls.

New Cyclic Olefins

Cyclic olefin homopolymers and copolymers are engineering thermoplastics derived from the ring-shaped norbornene molecule, which is made from dicyclopentadiene (DCPD) and ethylene.

Not Just for News Junkies

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Retractable-Tiebar Machine Is ‘Americanized’and Toggle Presses Get Upgrades

At an open house last month, HPM Corp., Mt. Gilead, Ohio, announced improvements to two injection machine lines. First, the original design of the company’s NextWave two-platen, retractable-tiebar presses has been “Americanized.” HPM acquired the design when it bought Hemscheidt of Germany in 1997. Second, in response to customer feedback, HPM has made about 20 modifications to its economically priced universal toggle machines. More than 100 of these presses have been sold since their introduction at NPE ’97. Both machine lines will be displayed in June at NPE 2000 in Chicago.

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