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November 2013

Close-Up on Technology

‘Collaborative’ Robot Works Safely, Comfortably Alongside Human Workers
The goal of Baxter's builder is to make U.S. manufacturing more globally competitive by making automation more affordable and easier to implement.

‘Skew’ Rolls for More Uniform Sheet
New feature aimed at thin-gauge PP sheet.

Processor's Edge

Rapid Tooling Enables ‘Quick Manufacturing’
Custom molder Harbec explores new and unconventional methods of moldmaking to provide a competitive edge for its $15 million molding business.

Know How

How to Start a Hot-Runner Mold That Has No Tip Insulators
Here's a method to assist with efficient dark-to-light color changes on hot-runner systems that are hot-tipped.

How to Stop Flash
Troubleshooting flash is complicated, and often there is a lot of tail-chasing on the shop floor in trying to get a solution. This approach should lead you to the solution via a data-driven procedure.

Melt Flow Rate Testing—Part 4
Few molders perform the test in-house. Of those that do, most don't understand why they are doing it or what they are measuring.

Regrind and Melt Pumps
Changing levels of regrind can result in unstable output. If not set up properly, a melt pump can add to this instability—the opposite of the intended effect.

Starting Up

ADG Opens Technical & Rebuilding Center
Facility will showcase range of compounding and recycling equipment.

High-Gloss, Piano-Black SAN Exterior Pillars Cut Weight & Cost
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Jaguar Land Rover’s new Range Rover Evoque features high-gloss, piano-black A, B, C, and D exterior pillars made from a specialty SAN grade, Luran HH120 SPF50, from Styrolution.

New LSR Technical Center Opens in Ohio
Shin-Etsu facility houses two molds, Arburg press, Elmet dosing system.

New Maker of PET Bottle Machines
Builder of filling and capping machines for dairy products and vegetable oils rounds out product line.

New Source of Flexographic Printers
Allstein GmbH opens sales office New Jersey to offer 'rugged press that is easy to use and attractively priced.'

Nylon 410 Slashes Weight & Cost in Engine Crankshaft Cover
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Next-generation Volkswagen diesel engines will benefit from a multi-functional crankshaft cover made of biobased nylon 410 from DSM Engineering Plastics.

P&G Sets Up Processing Subsidiary
iMFLUX to focus on molding, moldmaking, proprietary technology.

Polyolefin Nonwovens Go 100% Biobased
New product is composed of two biobased polymers in a bicomponent, sheath/core structure.

PP Cup Billed as Alternative to PS Foam
Cellular structure is created during the sheet extrusion process using atmospheric gas.

Super-Lightweight PET Bottles
Lightest ever still water, hot-fill PET bottles debut at Drinktec sow.

Synventive Owner Buys Männer
Hot runner suppliers unite.

Ticona Brands Will Become ‘Celanese’
Move applies to engineered plastics such as Hostaform/Celcon acetal, GUR UHMW-PE, and Celstran long-fiber reinforced thermoplastics, among others.


Blow Molder on a Growth Path
Being in the right place(s) counts in the bottle business—as do having the right product, the right customer service, and the right technology. Alpha Packaging has taken all those principles to heart.

Keep Leaks Away From Your Film Line
Here’s a guide on how to keep these leaks from occurring in the first place, and how to clean them up the right way if they do happen to crop up.

Six Rules to Keep You Out of Trouble In Foam Sheet Extrusion
Thermoplastic foam extrusion has proved advantageous to processors. But six essential rules are commonly overlooked.

The Boom in Natural Gas: What Will It Mean for Plastics Processors?
Plentiful shale gas promises to keep domestic polyolefin production costs among the lowest in the world. Whether (and when) you will see savings is debatable.

Keeping Up With Technology

ADDITIVES: Go Local for Liquid Color
Riverdale Global to provide U.S. and overseas plastics processors with local supply of liquid colors.

AUXILIARIES: ‘User-Friendly’ Batch Blender Now Has More Capacity
Process Control debuts larger, 2-kg version of its Guardian Series 3 batch blender.

BLOW MOLDING: Stretch-Blow PET Bottles Faster, While Using Less Energy
SIPA develops new generation of rotary reheat stretch-blow machines for PET bottles.

EXTRUSION: Hose Die Eliminates Weld Lines
Polymer is extruded in multiple thin, alternating layers to reportedly eliminate weld lines and increase burst strength

EXTRUSION: Micro Extruder for Fluoropolymer Tubing
American Kuhne's 16-mm micro extruder is designed to process fluoropolymers for miniature medical devices.

EXTRUSION: Small-Footprint Coex Film Lines
Macro offers smaller footprint compact line to ease installation, save space.

INJECTION MOLDING: New Hot-Runner Controller, Upgraded Closure & Preform Machines
Husky unveils new member of its Altanium hot-runner controls family, and makes U.S. debut of an enhanced cap-molding system.

INJECTION MOLDING: New Hot-Runner Technology for PET Preforms
Mold-Masters presents several new hot-runner developments for PET preform molding at Drinktec.

INJECTION MOLDING: New Machines for PET Preforms & Caps
Netstal presents three new molding systems at Drinktec 2013.

INJECTION MOLDING: Two-Speed Sequential Valve Gating For Better Looking Large Parts
Synventive's SynFlow is a two-speed pin control for cascade or sequential valve-gating.

MATERIALS: ‘Breakthrough’ Nylon 6 Blown-Film Grade with Easier Processing
WEB EXCLUSIVE: DSM Engineering Plastics claims it has made a breakthrough in nylon 6 blown-film processing for flexible food packaging with the development of its new Akulon XS.

MATERIALS: Borealis Launches Glass-Fiber/PP Compounds
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Borealis of Austria has introduced Fibremod, a new family of long- and short-glass PP compounds for the automotive and appliance industries.

MATERIALS: Extra-High-Temperature PEEK in Development
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Evonik Industries (U.S. office in Parsippany, N.J.) is developing a new engineering polymer that surpasses the performance of existing PEEK materials in high temperatures and extreme environments.

MATERIALS: Flexible Acetal Challenges Nylons 11 and 12 in Fuel Systems
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Celanese Corp. (formerly Ticona Engineering Polymers) introduced at K 2013 a flexible acetal copolymer for fuel-system pipes and tubes that require enhanced mechanical characteristics.

MATERIALS: PPS for 3D Robotic Blow Molding
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Celanese Corp. (formerly Ticona Engineering Polymers) has developed a grade of Fortron PPS that is said to be the first for use with 3D robotic-manipulated blow molding of tubular automotive components with complex geometries.

MATERIALS: Rigid PVC for Hot-Runner Molding of Plumbing & Drainage Parts
WEB EXCLUSIVE: A new NSF 61-listed rigid PVC compound from Teknor Apex Corp. reportedly makes possible high-speed, multi-cavity, and large-part injection molding of plumbing and drainage components.

MATERIALS: Solvay Launches Recycled PVDF
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Solvay Specialty Polymers has unveiled a range of recycled grades of Solef PVDF.

MATERIALS: Special Soft-Touch PP for Auto Interiors
WEB EXCLUSIVE: A specialty soft-touch PP for auto interior applications is said to have enhanced soft “feel” while maintaining structural rigidity and appealing aesthetics.

Resin Prices

PE, PS Prices Higher But Steady
But indications for the remainder of the year are for flat to slightly lower pricing for all four commodity resins


Appliance Output to Accelerate in 2014
But this industry is still a long way from full recovery.

Help Preserve Plastics’ Story
Become part of history and contribute to The Plastics Collection at Syracuse University.

Processing Flat, But Looking Up
Rate of contraction in September was slower than in the prior few months. New orders began growing again after two months of contraction.

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