August 1999


100% Vision Inspection Comes to HDPE Bottles

Kerr Plastics, Lancaster, Pa., a producer of injection blow molded HDPE pharmaceutical bottles, never used to inspect every bottle it produced.

Keep It Dry: Optimize Moisture Barrier in PE Films

When people talk about improving barrier properties in multi-layer food-packaging films, many of them think only of special barrier resins and overlook the role of the polyethylene that makes up the bulk of most films. The PE in a coex film can also be optimized to contribute to barrier.

Mold Design Goes Solid

Injection mold design is in the midst of a second computer revolution.

New Materials Rise to the DVD Challenge

DVDs are casting a new light on optical discs--quite literally, since new generations of high-density disc players are expected to use blue-green lasers with shorter wavelengths in order to read the smaller pits of new higher-density data discs.

PET Recycling Line Crystallizes While Chopping

A new method of recycling PET into pellets or directly into extruded sheet is said to save time and energy by combining crystallizing and drying with size reduction in one piece of equipment.

PP Engineering Alloys Branch Out Into Molding, Extrusion, Thermoforming

The Hivalloy line of in-reactor grafted alloys of polypropylene and amorphous resins from Montell Polyolefins, Wilmington, Del., is expanding its market reach with new grades, new developmental alloy families, and dramatic new applications. Besides injection molding, developing applications now include thermoformed sheet and even barrier packaging films.

What Would You Do With Some Extra Cash?

If you suddenly discovered an extra bundle of funds in your purchasing budget, what would you do with it? What would be the first use you would make of an extra $10,000? What about $100,000? Or $1,000,000?

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