September 2001

Processor's Edge

Industrial Thermoformer Expands With Aid from State Training Grant
The last dollars of a $105,000 worker-training grant have now been spent.

Starting Up

Your Business in Brief - September 2001
HPM Is SoldTaylor’s Industrial Services, LLC, Hobart, Ind., a firm specializing in large-component transportation and manufacture of mechanical stamping presses, has purchased the assets of HPM Corp., Mt.


"Sure, we sell all-electric machines"

A jump-on-the-bandwagon mentality seems to have gripped the injection machinery business with respect to the market buzz surrounding “all-electric” machines.

Additives (K 2001 Preview)

This year’s show will present such a large number of new polymer additives that only a few categories can be covered this month: antioxidants, halogen and non-halogen flame retardants, PVC heat stabilizers, and impact modifiers. Next month, we’ll report on new uv stabilizers, colorants, additive concentrates, lubricants, and more.

Blow Molding (K 2001 Preview)

One cluster of blow molding innovations on display at K 2001 will address the need for more versatile single-stage injection stretch-blow molding (ISBM) machines. A thirst for energy savings underlies plans to launch all-electric units for PET and HDPE containers. Also in the limelight are advances in large-part technical blow molding.

Compounding (K 2001 Preview)

Compounding equipment at K presents not so much new technology as new modifications or combinations of equipment to improve output and conserve space.

Extrusion (K 2001 Preview)

Probably the most intriguing news in extrusion at K 2001 will be a novel way to extrude clear film that differs from standard blown and cast methods.

Injection Molding (K 2001 Preview)

All-electric machines will be one of the biggest themes in injection molding machinery at this year’s K show, where at least nine firms will bring out their first models.

In-Line Compounding of Long-Glass/PP Gains Strength in Automotive Molding

Another approach to long-fiber thermoplastic (LFT) molding is gaining credibility for producing a range of structural and semi-structural automotive parts. It is called direct LFT processing, and is already widely practiced in Europe.

Materials (K 2001 Preview)

New materials at K 2001 are weighted heavily toward the engineering variety, especially nylons, acetals, and TP polyesters. A large handful of polypropylenes round out the major news.

New Technique Molds Multiple Cavities —One Part at a Time

A new twist on sequential valve gating is said to offer numerous technical and economic benefits in multi-cavity injection molding of large parts.

RIM & Urethanes (K 2001 Preview)

New equipment at the K show will include a lab line for RIM-molded auto-interior skins, recirculating spray mixheads designed for open-pour RIM, and upgrades for making SRIM structural composites with a long-fiber injection system. Also to be featured are new automotive PUR foams for noise abatement, a glass-reinforced RIM system for interior soft-touch applications, amine catalysts for producing low-VOC automotive foams, and an overhead conveyor system for PUR mold carriers.

Thermoforming (K 2001 Preview)

Thermoforming equipment displays at K 2001 focus on innovations in trim-in-place packaging, especially for PP food containers. There is also action in improving productivity of heavy-gauge industrial forming machinery.

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