December 2003

Close-Up on Technology

New Granulators Galore at NPE
Processors with scrap to grind must have noticed the prominence of screenless granulators with distinctive hooked “S-rotor” blades at the NPE show in Chicago.

Plastic-Metal Hybrids Make Headway On and Off the Road
Plastic-metal hybrids are replacing all-steel structures in automotive front-end modules at an accelerated rate.

Processor's Edge

The Super-Specialty Side of Thermoforming
Welch Fluorocarbon Inc. in Dover, N.H., produces nothing but tiny, super-thin thermoformed parts for critical applications.


NPE News Wrap-up - Water & Oil Temperature Control
If you’re the sort of manager that can’t resist checking up on your plant after you go home for the night, now you can click on your web browser and read out mold temperatures right there on your PC.

Polyurethanes: Regulatory Cost Pressures Spur Foam Formulators
Polyurethane formulators are speeding up efforts to reduce costs of foam formulations that meet environmental or flammability standards.

Sequential Valve Gating
Ultimate Control for the Toughest Molding Jobs

Skin and Bones
Beauty won over brawn in this year’s SPE Automotive Plastics Innovation Awards.

CW Brabender
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