July 2010

Close-Up on Technology

New Presses, Robots & Process Technologies To Debut at K 2010 Fair
The exhibit of Engel Austria at October’s K 2010 fair in Dusseldorf, Germany, will host a wide range of product introductions, ranging from new machines for caps/closures and micromolding to a new model of small electric press, a new generation of beam robots, and developing process technologies for polyurethane skin coating, machine-integrated mold-temperature control, multi-shot optical molding, and all-plastic “hybrid” composites.

Tests Show Direct-Drive Extruders Are Quieter, More Energy Efficient
Green machines may be coming to extrusion.

Know How

Confessions of a Mold Manual Junkie
OK, I admit it, I’m a manual junkie.

The Basics of Machine Evaluation, Part II
Last month we started defining some basic tests to ensure your injection molding machine is working properly.

Your Extruder's Best Friend
That's the melt pump, and its main purpose is to precisely control output to the die.

Starting Up

Industry & Technology News: July 2010
PET Bottles Keep Shedding WeightSustainability, plus simple economics, keep driving PET bottle makers to ingenious feats of lightweighting.

Recycled Resin Prices

Recycled Resin Pricing: Finally...Some Price Relief
Recycled plastics prices were up in the second quarter, but are now starting to come back down.


Additives: Three Trends to Track
Additives that render plastic compounds antistatic or electrically and/or thermally conductive are in hot demand.

Lessons to Learn
In the nine months since we revamped Plastics Technology, we have written articles on about a dozen plastics processors, each of which, in one way or another, has managed to stay afloat—or even prosper—during what’s been the toughest economic period in recent history.

Old-School Thinking, New-Wave Technology Drive This Processor Into a ‘New Age’
It was the Fall of 2008.

Tune Up Your Gravimetric Blenders
Gravimetric blenders provide for the most consistent and accurate blends of plastic materials and additives, but even these seemingly simple machines need some TLC after a long production run.

Keeping Up With Technology

Air Ring Lets Film Processors Add Functionality
A new line of air rings from Future Design Inc., Mississauga, Ont., is designed give blown film processors the flexibility to add features and functionality as the application dictates.

All-Electric Shuttle Machine
A brand-new all-electric, continuous-extrusion blow molder from Uniloy Milacron Srl in Italy is available here from Moldpro Machinery & Systems Inc., Burlington, Ont.

Bemis Molds Chair Out of 111 Recycled Coke Bottles
WEB EXCLUSIVE: The newest incarnation of the 66-year-old Navy Chair has been converted from aluminum to recycled PET with the aid of gas-assist injection molding at Bemis Manufacturing Co., Sheboygan Falls, Wis.

Bioresins for Deep-Freeze Packaging
WEB EXCLUSIVE: In cooperation with a number of processors and converters, FKuR in Germany (U.S. office, FKuR Plastics Corp., Cedar Park, Tex.) has developed what is said to be the world’s first sustainable deep-freeze packaging made from renewable resources.

Chinese TPEs Available Here
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Alliance Polymers and Services LLC, Romulus, Mich., a year-old distributor of thermoplastic elastomers, has introduced an initial slate of at least 20 SEBS-based Maxelast TPE compounds produced by Polymax Elastomer Technology Co., Ltd. in Nantong, China.

Compact Hot-Runner Multi-Nozzle Modules
New compact modules containing multiple hot-runner nozzles are available from Hasco America Inc., Fletcher, N.C.

DSM Boosts Capacity for New Nylon
WEB EXCLUSIVE: DSM Engineering Plastics of the Netherlands (U.S. office in Evansville, Ind.) has started up a new production unit that quadruples capacity for Stanyl ForTii, a unique nylon 4T that was introduced in 2007.

Electric Machine Training Course
A new, three-lesson course on “Mastering Electric Molding Machines” will beavailable by July 30 from Paulson Training Programs, Inc., Chester, Conn.

Electric Valve Gate and Sequencer
The first product of the recently announced alliance between DME Co., Madison Heights, Mich., and P.E.T.S., Auburn Hills, Mich., is an electric valve-gate system aimed at medical and high-volume consumer markets.

Fast Knockout Coupler Installs Easily
New Quick Knockout Couplers from Alba Enterprises, Rancho Cucamonga, Calif, are suited to quick-mold-change and two-stage ejection systems.

Fast-Acting Collapsible Core Is Serviceable in the Press
A new collapsible core from Progressive Components, Wauconda, Ill., is a positive, mechanically actuated device that eliminates the cycle times of complex gear-and-rack approaches, resulting in a simplifi ed, “open-shut” tool.

First Oil-Free, Low-COF TPE for Corks & Cap Liners
WEB EXCLUSIVE: A new line of oil- and plasticizer-free, reduced-friction TPEs is said to be the first of its type for synthetic wine corks and cap liners for beverage bottles.

Lab Compounder for Tiny Trials
Technical Process and Engineering Inc., Lehighton, Pa., has introduced the 1FRE lab compounding system in response to customer requests for smaller lot sizes of high-cost materials and additives.

Low-Warp LCP Helps Improve Connector Molding
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Samtec Inc., New Albany, Ind., a global producer of a broad line of electronic connectors, eliminated production defects in its largest-volume connector series by switching to Vectra E488i, a low-warpage liquid-crystal polymer (LCP) grade from Ticona Engineering Polymers, Florence, Ky.

Short-Glass Alternative to Long-Glass-Filled PP
Thermylene P8 is a short-glass PP compound from Asahi Kasei Plastics North America Inc., Fowlerville, Mich., offered as a more economical alternative tolong-glass PP.

Special FR-PC/ABS for Dishwashers
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Working in close cooperation with the dishwasher department of BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgerate GmbH in Dillingen, Germany, Bayer MaterialScience developed a special flame-retardant PC/ABS with extraordinary resistance to hot, humid environments.

Structural-Foam Machine Makes Pallets in Stack Molds
Wilmington Machinery, Wilmington, N.C., has two new structural-foam systems dedicated to pallets.

Styron Makes Its Official Debut
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Last month, Styron LLC, a former business unit of Dow Chemical Co., officially became a stand-alone company owned by Bain Capital Partners.

Ultra-High-Speed Electric Press Targets Thin-Wall Jobs
A new ultra-high-speed/high-pressure electric injection press specially designed for thin-wall molding comes from Nissei America Inc., Anaheim, Calif.


Resin Buying Strategies: Commodity Resin Prices Down
Prices of four major commodity resins continued to drop last month, albeit at a somewhat lesser velocity than in May.

Sun Power, Technology Focus: Listen to the Echo
If you’re walking around your plant one day and hear an echo, you might want to listen closely.

The Practical Processor: July 2010
Your Processing Questions Answered

Wood on Plastics: Aerospace Market Losing Altitude
Whether you are piloting an aircraft or manufacturing one, the same metaphor seems to apply to the future of aerospace: boundless potential, yet fraught with peril.

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