August 2004

Close-Up on Technology

3D Printers Lead Growth of Rapid Prototyping
Bringing rapid prototyping capabilities in-house is becoming a reality for many plastics manufacturers, thanks to more affordable, faster, and easy-to-use 3D printers.

Latest in 3D Simulation Highlighted At Moldflow's International User Conference
Improved part meshing, part modeling, and process simulation in 3D were the focus of new software developments previewed by Moldflow Corp., Wayland, Mass., at this year’s International Moldflow Users’ Group meeting held this May in Frankfurt, Germany.

PPS Role Shapes Up in Thermoforming
Thermoformers may find new opportunities in higher-performance applications with the arrival of thin-gauge PPS sheet from Penn Fibre Plastics (PFP). Highly crystalline PPS has until now resisted extrusion at less than 0.25-in. thickness due to its poor melt strength and the resulting sheet’s tendency toward brittleness.

Processor's Edge

All-Electric, Automated and Super-Efficient
The goal was to handle more different parts and materials and higher production volumes with fewer people and less inventory and floor space than any other plant in the company.


'Super-TPVs': The New Challenge to Rubber
Recent commercialization of a cluster of novel thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) families is promising to boost demand for thermoplastic elastomers in new and challenging industrial and consumer product segments.

Why Don’t We Do It In the Mold?
That question has energized a lot of manufacturers and designers of plastic parts for automobiles, appliances, and consumer electronics.

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