January 2003

Close-Up on Technology

Close-Up On Technology - Interchangeable Dam Adds Versatility to Screw
A new barrier screw has removable keys to change the dam height, allowing the screw to be tuned for highest throughput with resins as different as LLDPE and nylon, says the screw’s designer, Robert Dray, president of R.

Close-Up On Technology - Melt-Phase Billet Forming Adds New Option for Containers
 PBM Plastics in Newport News, Va., has commercialized a variant of the thermoforming process that reportedly produces deep-draw, highly uniform containers with low internal stresses.

Close-Up On Technology - New Technologies Add Zip to Rotomolding
Fully automated rotomolding equipment for nearly lights-out operation, a new approach to balancing molds, and a new oven design that trims space and energy requirements mark some of the new developments unveiled at the 27th Annual Fall Meeting of the Association of Rotational Molders (ARM), held in October in Toronto.

Processor's Edge

A Family Film Business Goes High-Tech
Papa, as Norman Rabenstein is fondly called on the shop floor, brought his family up to make plastic film.

Starting Up

Your Business in Brief - January 2003
SIG Plastics Buys Ryka Blow MoldsSwiss-based SIG Beverages, parent of SIG Plastics Technologies (USA) Inc., North Branch, N.J., has acquired Ryka Blow Molds Ltd. in Mississauga, Ont.

Your Business Outlook - January 2003
The market for plastic blow molded drums, intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), and tight-head pails (THPs) is sluggish right now, with growth of only 1% to 2% in 2002.


Strength and Beauty - New Nylons Bring Both To Under-Hood Parts
Usage of polyamides in U.S. under-hood parts could double in the next decade if nylon 6 and 66 follow European trends toward large panels that not only protect but beautify the engine compartment.

Urethane Foams Move from HCFCs To "Cleaner" Blowing Agents
 The future has arrived for polyurethane foams.

Working Harder, Working Smarter
Plastics processors are, on average, more productive than they were six years ago.

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