July 2003

Close-Up on Technology

Color-Infusion Process Is Suited to Short Runs of Different Hues
Bayer Plastics in Pittsburgh is commercializing its new Aura dip-dyeing process for molded parts, sheets, or profiles of engineering thermoplastics.

New Approaches for Large Parts Highlight Structural Plastics Show
Molding large parts was the focus at the SPI’s annual Structural Plastics Conference and Exhibition held this spring in Nashville, Tenn.

New Generation Nylon/ABS AlloysTarget Automobile Interiors
A family of highly compatibilized alloys of nylon 6 and ABS for injection molding has been launched by Rhodia Engineering Plastics.

PPO-Based Thermoset Holds Promise in BMC
A novel thermoset resin based on poly phenylene oxide (PPO) chemistry was unveiled last month at the NPE show by GE Plastics.

Processor's Edge

Focused on Foam
John Bambara, president and CEO of Sentinel Products Corp. in Hyannis, Mass., and holder of over a hundred plastics patents, is launching yet another proprietary technology.


‘Polymer Pipeline’ Starts in High School
The plastics-processing community in Mississippi is relatively small.

Colorants and Additives Make a Splash at NPE 2003
Molders, extruders, and compounders found a host of new additives, including colorants, compatibilizers, impact modifiers, foaming agents, and processing aids.

New Welding Technologies — Why They Grabbed Attention at NPE
The spotlight in plastics welding and assembly at NPE 2003 was focused on laser, infrared, and ultrasonic equipment.

NPE Highlights Compounding's Growth Niches
Show exhibitors say long-fiber wood composites, direct extrusion/compounding, and reactive compounding are where the action is.

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