March 2010

Close-Up on Technology

New Ethylene Copolymers for Films & Coatings
In the last two years, DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers, Wilmington, Del. ( has been actively expanding its portfolio of ethylene copolymers and taking them into new application areas.

Know How

Balanced Filling Is Critical for Holding Molding Tolerances
Processors face a multitude of challenges whenever they approach an injection molding machine.

Communication Is Key in Designing Blown Film Dies
Over the years I have bought, designed, or helped design quite a number of blown film dies.

Don't Get Burned by Adapters & Flow Pipes
Does degraded or burned polymer seem to show up when you least expect it?

Starting Up

Industry & Technology News: March 2010
Two New Names in U.S.


All-Electric Blow Molding Still in Its Infancy in U.S.
Already a familiar sight on European store shelves, the eye-catching appeal of "IML" is gaining traction among North American injection molders. The latest tooling and automation designs can handle the higher volumes needed here.

Are You Fighting the Fight Against the Haters?
Today, as I was reading two articles in this issue that are angled at biomaterials, it struck me how few plastics processors have joined the fray to protect their own business.

Do's and Don'ts for Overmolding Liquid Silicone onto Thermoplastics
Hard/soft overmolding has become a fundamental technique for injection molders in recent years, and a growing number of molders are extending that technology thermoset/thermoplastic combinations.

It's Time to Get to Know Your Way Around Bioplastics
If you’re thinking about adding bioplastics to your portfolio of processing capabilities, it’s best to first find out what separates them from traditional synthetic polymers and how their differences will affect you.

Thermoforming PLA: How to Do It Right
Polylactic acid (PLA) resins are made from 100% renewable resources such as corn, sugar beets, or sugarcane.

Where Are You Using Energy?
Few plants are able to accurately divide up their energy consumption by where it occurs, despite the fact that this is relatively easy to do.

Keeping Up With Technology

Blow Molding & Injection Molding Combined in One Process
A novel process and a new material combined to produce one of the more unusual entries among the fi nalists for the SPE Automotive Innovation Awards last fall.

Fast Hot-Runner Controller
A new hot-runner temperature controller for 2 to 128 zones boasts very fast scanning and fuzzy logic for accuracy to 0.1° C without overshooting.

Foam Board Die System Speeds Changeovers
A new die system for extruded PS foam board from Extrusion Dies Industries (EDI), Chippewa Falls, Wis., is said to dramatically reduce downtime for product changeovers, enhance control over product dimensions, reduce scrap, and eliminate shutdowns for die maintenance.EDI says the new XPS foam board die technology makes it possible to accomplish a product changeover on the fly in only 15 min, vs. the usual 8-10 hr.The added uptime offsets most of the output loss imposed by the switch to HFC blowing agents, EDI says.Key features include a separate, independently adjusted forming box that makes possible product changeovers without stopping the production line; and an adjustable, full-manifold internal deckle that can be used to modify both the width and thickness of the board.Foam board processor DiversiFoam Products reports that by using the new EDI system at its Rockford, Minn., plant, it has virtually eliminated downtime for scheduled thickness setups, making it possible to produce 11% more saleable product.(715) 726-1201 • Extrusion Dies, Inc. 911 Kurth Rd.

Gamma-Stable Rigid PVC & TPE Medical Compounds
WEB EXCLUSIVE: New rigid and flexible medical compounds that resist gamma sterilization are available from Teknor Apex Co.,Pawtucket, R.I.

German Bioplastics Supplier Comes to U.S.
FKuR Kunststoff GmbH of Willich, Germany, has just opened a subsidiary, FKuR Plastics Corp., in Cedar Park, Texas.

High-Flow Medical PC
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Improved flow, lubricity, and release characteristics are claimed for new Makrolon Rx1851 medical-grade polycarbonate from Bayer MaterialScience LLC, Pittsburgh.

Nanoclay Balances Stiffness & Flexibility in Medical TPEs
WEB EXCLUSIVE: As medical catheters get thinner and thinner, it becomes more difficult for unfilled TPEs and TPUs to provide the balance of stiffness and flexibility needed to insert the devices and thread them through long, complex vascular paths.

New Anti-Static Compounds for Medical Devices
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Static electricity is a major challenge for users of inhalation devices, as tiny drug particles can build up a static charge, causing them to adhere to the device instead of being dispensed to the patient.

New Copolyester for Medical-Grade Sheet & Thermoformed Packaging
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Eastman Chemical Co.,Kingsport, Tenn., recently added a new medical grade to its Tritan copolyester line.

New Flexible Nylon 610 for Fuel Lines
Rhodia Polyamide, Cranbury, N.J., has just added nylon 610 to its lineup.

New Nozzles for Hot Runners and LSR Cold Runners
D-M-E Co., Madison Heights, Mich., has expanded its Polimax series of hot-runner nozzles to cover lengths from 50 to 500 mm, a multitude of tip designs, and shot weights up to 3000 g.

New Nylons Thrive Under the Hood
WEB EXCLUSIVE: DuPont Performance Polymers, Wilmington,Del., has just announced the first of a series of nylon compounds designed to preserve high performance much longer than standard nylon 66 when exposed to hot air, hot oil, calcium chloride, and other aggressive automotive chemicals.

New Type of Granulator for Hard & Soft Materials
Harmo Co. of Japan (represented here by Maruka U.S.A.

Plastic Replaces Steel in Hydraulic Couplings
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Parker Hannifin in Germany replaced steel components in its RSD quick coupling with a single injection molded part of Victrex PEEK engineering resin from Victrex plc (U.S. office in West Conshohocken, Pa.). RSD quick-connect couplings are used to connect hydraulic lines on a tractor to its trailer, plough, or other equipment without use of tools.

Robot Controller Adds Two Part-handling Functions
Two new real-time functions addressing part removal and placement tasks have been added to the new R8 robot control from Wittmann Battenfeld, Torrington, Conn.

Softer Formable Olefin Foams
Thermoformable, closed-cell, crosslinked polyolefin foams up to 70% softer than previous versions are new from Toray Plastics (America), Inc., PEF Div., Front Royal, Va.

'Thinnest' V-0 Polycarbonate Ever
A brand-new flame-retardant Panlite PC from Teijin Chemicals Ltd.

Three Welding Methods in One Machine
Bielomatik, Inc., New Hudson, Mich., has launched a machine that offers three different welding methods.


'Classic' Blow Molding Tale: Taking on New Challenges
Classic Containers Inc., a family-owned blow molder in Ontario, Calif., has been supplying bottles and closures to the personal-care market for more than 20 years.

Market Outlook: Medical Molders See Growth And Challenges Ahead
 Mastio & Company’s most recent Injection Molding Markets Study reveals that medical injection molders consumed just over 664 million lb of resin in 2009 and will gobble up 693.5 million lb this year.

Resin Buying Strategies: Higher Prices Prevail, for Now
Prices of major commodity resins were on the way up last month, with looming potential for further increases this month, according to purchasing consultants at Resin Technology, Inc. (RTI) in Fort Worth, Texas.

The Practical Processor: March 2010
Your processing questions answered

Wood on Plastics: Auto Market Ready for Ignition
North American sales and production of motor vehicles suffered a severe decline during the recent recession, and the travails of the auto sector were never far from the public’s collective consciousness.

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