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November 2003

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Close-Up on Technology

New Polypropylene Families for Packaging, Blends & Composites
Two new lines of polypropylene resins from Basell North America challenge PS, PET, PVC, and other PPs for clear, rigid packaging.

NPE 2003 News Wrap-Up: Hot-Runner Temperature Controls
Sophisticated hot-runner temperature controls introduced at the NPE show in Chicago store set-up data right on the mold, detect (and even fix) thermocouple wiring mistakes, and employ easier-to-use icon-based displays.


NPE News Wrap-Up: Testing & Measuring Instruments
There was no shortage of new developments in product inspection devices and instruments for testing color and appearance as well as mechanical, rheological, thermal, and weathering properties.

Breaking Into Medical Films
Producers of barrier food wraps are invading the exclusive club of medical film makers. The new guys are shaking things up by introducing more complex films to cut the cost of medical packaging.

NPE News Wrap-Up: Materials Handling
The big show in Chicago presented more new loaders, feeders, blenders, and conveying controls than you could count. They’re more flexible, easier to maintain, and easier to control. Many are web-enabled, and some are lower in cost.

Not Your Father's Hopper Loader
Remember the old days when materials-handling equipment was a bunch of sheet-metal bins, dusty hoppers, spaghetti tubing, and noisy vacuum blowers?

Processor's Edge

Building a Business on Energy Savings
Entrepreneur Sven Eckert doesn’t like to waste energy.


Less Downtime = More Profits With Accumulator-Head Machines
A fundamental challenge in operating accumulator-head extrusion blow molding machines is to minimize downtime.

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