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Starting Up

New U.S. Molding Operation Brings Processing In-House
Freudenberg Household Products (FHP), Germany, known in the U.S. for its line of O-Cedar mops, brooms, dust pans, etc., has joined forces with Spanish injection molder SP Berner Plastic Group, S.L., to form a joint venture company called FHP Berner U.S.

New Ownership for Husky
Boston-based private-equity firm Berkshire Partners and OMERS Private Equity of Toronto reportedly paid $2.1 billion last month to jointly buy Husky International Ltd. and its subsidiaries, which makes injection molding machines, hot runners and molds.

Rotary Batch Mixers Help Boost In-House Recycling
While sustainability is a relatively new term in plastics, rotary batch mixing is an old warhorse in many processing operations.

Press Maker Negri Bossi Buys Robot Supplier Sytrama
Italian injection machine builder Negri Bossi (U.S. office in Newark, Del.) will now be offering integrated automation solutions by virtue of its acquisition in late April of Italia robot supplier Sytrama (U.S. operation is in Windsor, Conn.). Sytrama makes three-axis and linear-axis robots, side-entry robots, and linear motors for use on presses from 50 to 6000 metric tons.

Giant New PET Plant Coming
M&G Group of Italy (U.S. office in Houston), which claims to be the largest producer of PET packaging resins in the Americas, announced last month that it will build a 2.2-billion-lb/yr PET plant on the U.S.

Simco Changes Name After 75 Years
Simco-Ion, an ITW Company, is the new name of static-control equipment provider Simco Industrial, Hatfield, Pa.

New Multi-Injection Approach to High-Barrier Packaging
At last month’s Interpack fair in Germany, Netstal of Switzerland and two partners demonstrated a new approach to injection molding high-barrier rigid containers.

PPE Goes 'Vegas
Auxiliary equipment supplier Plastic Process Equipment, Inc. (PPE), Macedonia, Ohio, has moved its West Coast office from Chino, Calif., to a larger facility in Las Vegas.

BASF & Ineos to Combine Styrenics Businesses
WEB EXCLUSIVE: BASF SE in Germany and Ineos Industries Holdings Ltd. in the U.K. are proceeding toward combining their styrenics businesses and production facilities into a joint venture later this year.


Look Upstream to Avoid ‘GIGO’ Pitfalls in Extrusion
You may think you have a feeding issue when in reality your problem may be upstream.

On Site: Tailoring Medical Solutions… Sometimes in 50-lb Lots
Smaller volumes teams with higher quality and value as keys to the success of this growing medical compounder.

Processing Biopolymers for Rigid Sheet & Thermoforming
Newly available cast sheet and thermoforming grades of Mirel biobased polymers open up a new range of applications in containers and other formed parts where renewable content and biodegradability are desired.

Eight Steps Toward a Seamless Mold Transfer
It’s big news when an OE M decides to move a substantial number of molds from one processing operation (either their own in-house/captive facility or an outsourced molder) to another.

Keeping Up With Technology

INJECTION MOLDING: Hot-Runner Control Boasts Rapid ROI
A new modular controller for hot runners reportedly yields an early return on investment by virtue of its accuracy, durability, and operator-friendliness.

INJECTION MOLDING: Larger Pallet Molding System Uses Dual Stack Molds
Wilmington Machinery, Wilmington, N.C., has expanded its Lumina Pallateeer Series to include a larger structural-foam pallet molding system with dual stack molds and a total of four cavities.

EXTRUSION: On Demand Rotary Cutter
Can also be configured for continuous cutting.

ROTOMOLDING: New Carousel Machine Saves Fuel
Features unique round oven and 'reverse air recirculation' with a more powerful oven burner system for more efficient heat distribution.

AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT: Gearmotors for Feeders, Blenders
They are both brushless and encoderless for far superior reliability and performance and longer life.

AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT: Energy-Efficient Hoppers & Dryers
Dryer hoppers available in a wide range of configurations.

COMPOUNDING: Configure Twin Screws Yourself—Online
New lab machine also introduced.

TOOLING: Rust Preventive Is Food Approved
Reportedly neutralizes fingerprint acids and is self-cleaning and self-healing.

ADDITIVES: New Orange for Durable Applications
Can be blended with organic pigments to provide opacity without losing chroma.

ADDITIVES: Release Agent, Lubricant for PET
Contains no solvents, silicone, or halogens, and can be removed with water.

ADDITIVES: New Nucleator Makes Thermoformed PP Faster, Clearer, Tougher
The latest nucleator for polypropylene from Milliken Chemical, Spartanburg, S.C., is Hyperform HPN-600ei.

MATERIALS: PP Resists Stress Whitening
Thermylene SWP (Stress Whitening Prevention) is a new specialty compounded polypropylene that reportedly won’t show signs of stress whitening when subjected over time to pressure and wear and tear.

MATERIALS: Super Heat Resistance for New TPI Blend
“Unprecedented heat resistance” and “exceptional dimensional stability for thin-wall molding” are claimed for a new amorphous thermoplastic polyimide (TPI) blend from SABIC Innovative Plastics, Pittsfield, Mass.

MATERIALS: 'Unversal' TPE for Overmolding
Injection molders can simplify inventories by using a single TPE that is said to adhere to a wide variety of thermoplastics in overmolding.

MATERIALS: PC & Acrylic for LED Lighting
A new line of UL-listed polycarbonate and acrylic diffusing compounds for LED lighting is available from LTL Color Compounds, Morrisville, Pa.

MATERIALS: Ultra-Soft, Gel-Like Medical TPE
Transparent material is softest yet and aims at skin-contact applications.

MATERIALS: Irradiated LLDPE Processes Like LDPE
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Supply of conventional LDPE is very tight, and LLDPE does not have the melt strength some processors need for foams, blown film, extrusion coating, and thermoforming.

MATERIALS: New Grades of Barrier Nylon for Packaging
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America, Inc., N.Y.C., is offering new versions of its MXD6 nylon for barrier packaging.

MATERIALS: Rigid PVC Gets Better Flow & Stability for Injection Molding
Last month, PolyOne Corp., Cleveland, introduced Geon SF, a family of rigid vinyl compounds utilizing patent-pending technology to expand PVC’s injection molding processing window while maintaining physical properties.

MATERIALS: PS Grades with PCR Content for Food Contact
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Ineos Styrenics has introduced new polystyrene injection molding grades containing 25% post-consumer recycled resin.

MATERIALS: PC/ABS for Antennas Is Now Custom Colorable
Thermoplastic compounds for laser direct structuring (LDS) to apply circuitry to mobile phone and notebook antennas don’t have to be just black anymore, so they don’t have to be hidden inside the devices.

MATERIALS: Durable TPV Shines in Bumper Extensions
A TPV used for three years in bumper extensions on selected Renault and Volkswagen models is now expected to be in wider demand by the auto industry.

MATERIALS: LIM Rubber Resists Solvents & Hydrocarbons
WEB EXCLUSIVE: A new liquid injection moldable fluorosilicone rubber is formulated for o-rings, gaskets, seals, and precision parts in the automotive, aerospace, sensor, and oil industries.

MATERIALS: Purging Agent for Stiff, High-Temperature Resins
WEB EXCLUSIVE: A brand-new purging agent from Sun Plastech Inc., Parsippany, N.J., is designed for purging high-temperature engineering resins such as PEEK, PPS, Ultem PEI, and LCP from injection machines and extruders.


Mood Swings
Musings of the month...

Wood on Plastics: Buckle Your Chinstraps in Packaging
Future trends in packaging markets may not feel quite as volatile as a ride in the stock market, but things are still going to get hectic for packaging processors.

Practical Processor
Your processing questions answered.

Know How

Screws and Pellets: One Size Does Not Fit All
Screw design, pellet type/size and material behavior are all critical issues to consider to deliver uniform melt to the mold.

Screw Surging, Part III: Unfilled Discharge Section
This type of surge happens most frequently with two-stage screws when the second stage has far more capacity than the first stage. It can also happen when a screw is limited in feeding or melting, causing a partially filled metering section.

How To Size & Calibrate Profile Parts
Doing it right is critical to maintaining profile dimensions.

Resin Prices

Prices May Have Peaked--For Now
Prices of commodity resins were on the way up last month, driven by higher feedstock costs and restricted supplies of feedstocks and resins.

Processor's Edge

New in the U.S. & Growing Fast
One wouldn’t expect a Colombian packaging giant to come to Virginia for a cup of coffee, but that’s sort of what happened.

Close-Up on Technology

Nano Technology Moving Fast Into Blown, Flat Film
New technology to process nano blown films unveiled by Dow at Antec. Nano cast film, sheet advances too.

New PVC Resins Are 'Better Problem Solvers' for Plastisols
It’s relatively rare that a new PVC resin grabs the headlines, but here’s one that could be big news for plastisol formulators and processors.

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