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Blow Molding at NPE: Pushing the Envelope in Speed, Flexibility, Energy Savings
New models of blow molding machines at the show were dominated by wheel machines and stretch-blow systems.

Thermoforming at NPE: Machines Raise Performance Bar
Exhibitors at this year’s show introduced an assortment of new machines and upgraded models with designs incorporating the latest in mechanical, hydraulic, and electronic technologies.

Extrusion & Compounding at NPE: Advances Push Efficiency Envelope
Blown film towers may have been scarce, but there was no shortage of new technology aimed at helping to make extrusion processors more profitable.

Injection Molding at NPE: New Machines Showed Their Stuff In Sophisticated Molding Demos
More speed, more power, more precision, and more automated functions accomplished in and out of the mold. That’s exactly what injection machinery suppliers were offering at NPE2012.

Auxiliaries at NPE: News in Materials Handling, Cooling, Granulating, Welding, Testing, Decorating
Auxiliary equipment takes in a broad range of functions, from materials preparation to post-mold finishing.

Additives at NPE: Many Routes To ‘Greener’ Plastics
Just as eco-friendliness was a major theme in materials news at the big show in April, so it was with additives.

Rogan Corp. Is an Old Hand At Exploring New Frontiers in Plastics
the 78-year history of the Rogan Corp. is full of twists and turns. But one consistent theme stands out—an adventurous and inventive spirit that has put Rogan on the leading edge of a number of important trends in plastics—and even on the frontiers of space exploration.

‘How Will It Mold?’ Brand-New Test Method Relates Material, Mold & Machine
It's the first material characterization method developed specifically for evaluating the injection moldability of a plastic melt.

Vacuum Blower or Pump Problems? Extend It, Fix It, or Make it More Efficient
The pump is a good place to start looking in you are having materials-conveying problems as it is the likely source of the trouble.

Know How

Understanding Polymer Flow: Interpreting the Viscosity Curve
Take the time to do the viscosity curve on new molds. You will learn more in that hour than many learn in years about the process for this tool.

What’s the Deal With High-Speed Extruders?
If we are talking about extruder screw speed, how about 1800 rpm? That’s how fast some extruders are running today.

Density & Molecular Weight in Polyethylene
This so-called 'commodity' material is actually quite complex, making selecting of the right type a challenge.

Monday Morning Start-Up Of Accumulator Head Machines
A good way to achieve plantwide consistency on restarts is to establish a blow molding checklist based on the items discussed here, as different operators may be performing these steps at various times.

Starting Up

Flurry of Industry Activity Aims to Bridge Nylon 12 Shortage
Global shortage of nylon 12 is expected to last through the remainder of this year.

Nova Chemicals Sells EPS Business
Buyer is PFB of Calgary.

Got a Molding Story to Tell?
Consider presenting it at the Molding 2013 Conference in January.

First Commercial Use of ‘Dolphin’ Molding Process
italian molder deploys multi-component, hard/soft molding technology developed by Engel.

First U.S. Optimex Line Lets Film Processor Return to Its Roots
'Time was right' for firm to venture back into blown film.

PV Sheet Line Boasts Low Shrinkage
Line produces the encapsulant material used in the assembly of solar modules

Bluestar Silicones Opens New U.S. Manufacturing/R&D Center
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Bluestar Silicones, a Chinese-owned, global integrated silicones supplier with U.S. headquarters in East Brunswick, N.J., will open a new manufacturing and R&D center in York, S.C., this June.

VW Relies on Acetal for Passenger Safety
WEB EXCLUSIVE: The seat-belt retractor system of the new VW up! city car utilizes a special high-impact, low-emissions acetal from Ticona (U.S. office in Florence, Ky.). The VW up! was introduced in late 2011.

Rubbermaid Foodservice Containers Go BPA-Free
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Rubbermaid Commercial Products, Winchester, Va., has introduced a new line of commercial and institutional kitchen foodservice products made of BPA-free Tritan copolyester from Eastman Chemical Co., Kingsport, Tenn.


Comeback Ignited in Automotive
Our forecast for 2012 calls for the overall rate of growth to be 10%...not quite back to pre-recession levels, but solid progress.

More Knowledge, More Know How… At the Click of a Mouse
You'll find it time well spent.

Keeping Up With Technology

MATERIALS: Shape-Memory TPU Could Deter Counterfeiters
WEB EXCLUSIVE: A new thermoplastic urethane with shape memory has been developed by Bayer MaterialScience (U.S. office in Pittsburgh) together with the BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing in Berlin, Germany.

MATERIALS: Radio-Visible Grade of PEEK for Implantable Devices
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Solvay Specialty Polymers USA, LLC, Alpharetta, Ga., has expanded its range of Zeniva PEEK resins for implantable medical devices with a radio-visible grade.

MATERIALS: ‘Feel-Good’ TPE for Overmolding Consumer Electronics
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Kraiburg TPE Corp., Duluth, Ga., has come out with two new families of styrenic TPEs for overmolding onto rigid engineering thermoplastics for consumer electronics applications.

Resin Prices

Price Relief Continues in Commodity Resins
Further price erosion is projected for at least this month, particularly in the case of polyolefins and polystyrene.


Solving 10 Common Challenges In Extruding Thin-Gauge Sheet
Thin-gauge sheet production presents some unique challenges to the extrusion operator, including the following set of 10 commonly encountered considerations

Processor's Edge

Tier 1 Automotive Molder Uses Team Approach to Mold Simulation
SRG Global calls in outside assistance to solve a tricky technical problem.

Close-Up on Technology

Extruder Inspection & Vibration Analysis Detects Problems Early, Prevents Failures
Service is offered to all types of extrusion processors for all of types and makes of extruders and motors.

PE/PS Interpolymer Modifies Polyolefins To Process Faster, Thinner, Better
Novel hybrid of polyethylene and polystyrene acts as a processing aid for HDPE, LDPE, and PP.

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