December 2001

Starting Up

Profile Maker Runs Lean & Fast
In the early 1990s, as competition heated up in European PVC window markets, many European processors looked to U.S. markets for growth.

Your Business in Brief - December 2001
Xaloy and Dray Team Up On Screws & ValvesXaloy Inc., Pulaski, Va., is extending its capabilities in screw design and large-screw manufacturing through an alliance with well-known screw designer Robert F.


Blow Molding Gets Green Light in Detroit

Technical blow molding is changing the contours of automotive interior trim, load-bearing floors, seat-back systems, and under-hood ducting. Favorable economics, process refinements, and the emergence of tailored materials and equipment are taking the brakes off blow molding's earlier limits, and pointing a way to cost cutting.

Boltless Flat Die Opens Faster

Without changing the inner workings of the die, Extrusion Dies Inc., Chippewa Falls, Wis., has come up with a revolutionary way to assemble flat dies without bolts. The closing mechanism replaces conventional die bolts with rods actuated by hydraulic toggles to hold the die halves together.

Coinjection's New Look: Two Screws, One Barrel By Mikell Knights

Coinjection molding has always been viewed as a cost-saving technique that can put a lower cost material such as off-spec, recycled, unpigmented, or foamed resin into the core of a two-material sandwich. Coinjection also aids a molder looking to make value-added products such as soft-touch parts or ones with a cosmetic surface over a glass-reinforced core.

Leave the Lawyers Out of It

When someone has an original idea in plastics, they often seek a patent.

On-Line PET Bottle Thickness Gauging Brings Responsive Process Control

Maintaining desired wall thickness in the neck, shoulder, wall, and base of a PET bottle is a continuing challenge to blow molders, says Chris Robinson, head of quality assurance at the Bowling Green, Ohio, plant of Southeastern Container (SEC) Group Inc.

Polyurethane Foams Get Ready for HCFC Phase-out

With a critical deadline fast approaching, PUR foam formulators are mastering the art of using ‘cleaner' blowing agents. The latest PUR conference revealed new successes with these agents in a broad spectrum of rigid, flexible, and integral-skin foams.

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