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August 2014

Close-Up on Technology

Machinery & Robot Developments at Wittmann Battenfeld Open House
Open house celebrates expanded U.S. headquarters & showcases innovations.

Novel Tooling, New Materials Highlight Thermoplastic Composite Advances
Conference showcases new developments in equipment and materials for more efficient production of automotive thermoplastic composites parts.

Processor's Edge

Mold-Heating/Cooling Technology Keeps Cosmetic Parts Looking ‘Hot’
New rapid mold-temperature control technology allows molder to eliminate cosmetic defects like knit lines or sink marks in parts that require a glossy finish or feature texturing.

Know How

EXTRUSION: Processing Rigid PVC? Know Your Rheology
Before choosing and sizing extruders for running rigid vinyl, it is wise to bone up on the viscosity behavior of the material.

INJECTION MOLDING: Are Your Sprue or Parts Sticking? Here Are Some Solutions
Nine times out of 10 when a sprue or part sticks, the result of trying to unstick it is more scratches or undercuts, making the problem worse and the fix more costly. Here’s how to set up a proper procedure for this sticky wicket.

MATERIALS: Performance in Polyethylene: Density Matters: Part II
Remembering the case of the failed gas tanks.

Starting Up

ADDITIVES: BASF Sells PolyAd Service Bureau
Moving forward, BASF will increase focus on its core plastic additive business areas.

ADDITIVES: Liquid Phosphite Antioxidant Gets FDA's Green Light For Food Packaging
Addivant's next-generation liquid phosphite now approved for food-contact applications boasts better properties and processing than its solid counterparts.

MATERIALS: Braskem To Build UHMWPE Plant
A new UHMWPE plant is planned by Braskem at its LaPort, Texas site.

MATERIALS: Ineos To Fully-Own Styrolution
By year's end, Ineos will be sole owner of Stryrolution, its 50-50 joint venture with BASF.

MATERIALS: Kraton Opens Up Innovation Center
A pilot facility in Belpre, Ohio, has been opened by Houston-based Kraton to produce a wide range of SBC-type developmental materials.

MATERIALS: Shrimp Shells Play Key Role In New Bioplastic
Substance that makes shrimp shells hardy used by Wyss Institute to make new bioplastic for 3D parts.

Packaging: Food Container Relies on IML for Oxygen Barrier
Barrier coextruded in-mold label protects pasta sauce in injection molded tub.

Processor's Business Index

Growth For Seven Out of Eight Months
All signs point to an uptick in capacity utilization for the rest of 2014.


Follow These Tips to Clean Your Blown Film System
Proper purging procedures can avoid the need to shut down the line for cleaning. Here's one expert's advice.

How to Avoid Problems When Using Commercial Purging Compounds
The best approach is to implement and standardize a three-step program to ensure you are purging in the best and most cost-effective manner possible.

MEDICAL MOLDING: Configure Your Molding Machine Into a ‘Clean Room’
You can meet the stringent requirements of the medical market without having to invest in a full-blown production clean room.

Teel Plastics: Where Science, Technology, Quality and Innovation Converge
This family-owned custom profile and tubing business controls its own destiny by controlling, well, everything.

Keeping Up With Technology

ADDITIVES: SBC Modifier For Rigid PP Goods, Polyolefin Fibers
New styrenic block copolymer serves as modifier for injection-molded PP parts, and more.

AUXILIARIES: Adiabatic Cooling Towers Cut Energy Consumption, Maintenance
Wide range of models/sizes are available in system that prevents contamination of process fluid.

AUXILIARIES: Easy-To-Use Controllers and Indicators
Compact units are meant for 'rugged' processing applications.

Blow Molding: New Machine Adopts Electro-Mechanical Actuators, Quick-Change Trimmer
Working in conjunction with customer Nampak, Velocity Equipment Solutions (New Castle, Penn.) is introducing two technology advances for the blow molding of HDPE containers.

BLOW MOLDING: New Models in All-Electric Series
Three sizes are now available, with the fourth soon to come.

EXTRUSION/COMPOUNDING: Multi-Process Twin-Screw Lab Line In a Small Package
Can be transformed from a compounding system to one for extruding blown or cast film by exchanging the dies and docking module for the new processes

INJECTION MOLDING/BLOW MOLDING/EXTRUSION: Plastics Spotlight Shines on Taiwan This September
Eight Taiwanese machinery suppliers preview their exhibits at the upcoming national show.

Injection Molding: Induction mold-heating technology gains foothold in electronics enclosures
RocTool’s first client in Asia is becoming one of its largest, “investing massively” in its electromagnetic induction technology for mold heating, according to the company.

INJECTION MOLDING: Larger ‘Stuffer Box’ for LSR Prototyping, Micromolding
Feeding device for small amounts of premixed LSR as a single component.

MATERIAL HANDLING: Conveying System for Largest Single-Line PET Plant
Capacity is 80 tons/hr.

MATERIALS: Check Online For Color-Purging Procedures
Quick Color Change Procedure is aimed at helping processors transition from a dark to a light color.

Software: Cost Management Program Adds Cost Driver Data Analysis
A software tool that utilizes CAD data to create real-time cost estimates has added a cost-driver data function.

TESTING: "Intelligent" Rheometer Responds To Individual QC Demands
Thermo Scientific's new rheometer can be adapted to an individual's measurement routines and conditions.

TESTING: Non-Contact Extensometer For Tensile Testing Of Plastics
Imetrum's Video Gauge is claimed to be the first non-contact extensometer that can test tensile properties of plastics to exact ASTM and ISO requirements.

TESTING: Non-Contact Video Extensometer For Tensile Testing Of Plastics
Imetrum's Video-Gauge is claimed to be the first non-contact extensometer that can test tensile properties pf plastics to exact ASTM and ISO requirements.

TESTING: One Sensor Inspects Roughness and Waviness
New roughness sensor boasts improved measuring productivity, reliable and fully-automatic measuring runs, and a common record of data.

TOOLING: Expanded Training in Hot-Runner Maintenance/Repair
Training course is doubled in length.

TOOLING: Mold Connectors for Water & Power
Quick-connectors for water and rugged electrical junction boxes and plug connectors.

TOOLING: New Mold Base Sizes, Mold Cleaners, Rust Preventatives
Larger frame sizes, and spray-on mold-maintenance chemicals.

TOOLING: New Products for Hot Summer Toolrooms
Keep workers comfortable and productive.

TOOLING: Updated CAD Software for Molds
Faster, easier to use software for designing molds.

WELDING: Ultrasonic Welders For Low-Power Applications
The latest series of Branson ultrasonic welders are targeted to low-power applications.

Resin Prices

Prices Firmer for PE, PP, Looser for PS, PVC
PE and PP are expected to hold firm or head upwards, but it’s a mixed bag for PS and PVC prices.


Get Ready for an Explosion in Additive Manufacturing
If you want very small production runs, or to do more of your own mold building, ‘AM’ might be for you.

Market Watch

Medical Equipment Production to Grow in 2014
Signs suggest increasing capacity utilization and capital equipment investment for processors in this market.

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