April 2010

Close-Up on Technology

Seven-Layer R&D Line Spurs Blown Film Innovation
Business might be slow in most blown film extrusion markets, but leading-edge processors are preparing for better times by tapping into a seven-layer line installed last year at Dow Chemical Co.’s Film Application Development Center (FADC) in Freeport, Tex.

Processor's Edge

Expanding, Diversifying Prepares This Molder for Growth
Three years ago, custom molder Plastic Molding Technology, Inc. (PMT) of El Paso, Tex., must have had a crystal ball.

Know How

Don't Neglect Cooling... There's Money to Be Made
For most injection molding jobs, cooling is 95% of the cycle time.

How Much Regrind Can You Handle?
Most extrusion operations generate scrap, and in the case of sheet for thermoforming it can exceed 70% of total output.

How to Size a Machine and Tooling for Industrial Parts
Today’s industrial blow molding machines are highly efficient and predictable and generally can be relied on to produce sophisticated parts from the first shot.

When Assembling Molds, Patience is THE Virtue
Installing and fitting close-tolerance tooling requires patience, a steady hand, attention to detail, and the ability to “read” resistance.

Starting Up

Industry & Technology News: April 2010
Unusual Insert Molding Yields Integral EMI/RFI ShieldingOne of the winners of the recent SPE Automotive Innovation Awards embodies a number of technical advances in manufacturing worthy of 29 U.S. patent applications.


Hot/Cold Thermal Cycling of Injection Molds Heats Up
Injection molders are warming up to the idea of cycling their tool surface temperature during the molding cycle rather than keeping it constant.

North America's Best-Kept Secret in Compounding
They’re hardly a startup, having opened their doors 27 years ago this month.

Our Six-Month Report Card: So What Do You Think?
Six issues ago, with our November issue, we rolled out the new Plastics Technology.

Six Things You Should Know About New Eco-Friendly Chillers
If you never paid much attention to what kind of refrigerant is circulating inside your plastics chillers, it may be time you did.

Keeping Up With Technology

Biodegradable Resin for Paper Coating & Shrink Film
WEB EXCLUSIVE: BASF Corp., Florham Park, N.J., has introduced a new member of the Ecovio line of fully biodegradable blends of PLA biopolymer and Ecoflex petro-based, biodegradable polyester.

'Clamp and Go' Magnetic Clamping Systems
The M-TECS Clamp and Go magnetic clamping system from the Hilma Div. of Carr Lane Roemheld Mfg., Ellisville, Mo., provides a standardized, ready-to-mount solution for 2-second clamping on injection machines.

Clean-Room Electric Machine
Models designed specifically for clean rooms have been added to the Canbel all-electric series from Negri Bossi, Inc., New Castle, Del.

'Dryer-less' Reclaim of PET/PLA with Direct Sheet Extrusion
Luigi Bandera Meccaniche S.p.A. of Milan, Italy, and Processing Technologies International (PTi) LLC, Aurora, Ill. have teamed up to furnish sheet extrusion systems for processing 100% reclaimed PET or PLA flake without need for drying and crystallizing.

High-Tear-Strength LSR for Easier Demolding
WEB EXCLUSIVE: New KEG-2005 series liquid silicone rubber from Shin-Etsu Silicones of America, Inc.,Akron, Ohio, has enhanced tear strength to allow demolding thin-wall parts without damage and to provide better toughness in use.

Improved Purging Agent for Hot Runners
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Dyna-Purge Div. of Shuman Plastics, Inc., Depew, N.Y., has a new, improved version of its Dyna-Purge P compound optimized for quick color changes in hot-runner systems.

Medium-Large Electric Presses Slash Cycle Time, Energy Use
JSW Plastics Machinery, Lake Zurich, Ill., has added new medium-to-large sizes to its AD Advantage Series all-electric molding machines.

More Affordable Hydraulic Toggle Presses
Milacron Inc., Batavia, Ohio, has come out with a new line of compact hydraulic toggle presses of 35 to 400 tons.

More Heat-Resistant PLA Biopolymer
NatureWorks LLC, Minnetonka, Minn., has come out with a PLA grade having higher heat resistance than any of its previous products.

New HNBR Rubber for LIM
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Now there’s something besides liquid silicone rubber for liquid injection molding, or LIM.

New PET Drying System Uses 35-55% Less Energy
Several new “auto-adaptive” features in the Genesys drying system are said to save 35% to 55% in energy for PET drying as compared with other current drying systems.

New PPS for Complex Blow Molding
WEB EXCLUSIVE: A new grade of blow moldable PPS is used in a hot-water tank designed to withstand high temperatures in a line of European kitchen ovens from Miele & Cie.

Nylon Hearing-Aid Parts Use Less Than a Pellet
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Hearing-aid parts smaller than a single pellet are molded by Accumold LLC, Ankeny, Iowa, for Knowles Electronics, Itasca, Ill.

Rotary Melt Filter Allows More Reclaim in Film Lines
Tailor-made for blown film lines, the SFXmagnus from Gneuss, Matthews, N.C. is said to offer a large filtration area, which allows blown film processors to incorporate more reclaim in their product.

Ruse Preventive Won't Mark Molded Parts
A new rust preventive from Slide Products, Wheeling, Ill., delivers a dry mist that does not penetrate into moving mold components like ejector pins holes, slides, and cams.

Starch-Based Resin Adds More Bio Content
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Novamont N.A., Ridgefield, Conn., is offering a new, second generation of Mater-Bi starch-based thermoplastic with increased bio-based content.

Two New LDPEs for Packaging
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Two new LDPE resins for injection and blow molded packaging have been introduced globally by LyondellBasell Industries, Wilmington, Del.


Resin Buying Strategies: Resin Prices May Have Peaked
Though prices of major commodity resins were still rising in March, there were indications that they may have peaked, according to purchasing consultants at Resin Technology, Inc. (RTi) in Fort Worth, Texas.

The Practical Processor: April 2010
Your Processing Questions Answered

Wood on Plastics: Computers: Big Growth Returns
U.S. production of computers and peripheral equipment was expanding rapidly before the recent recession hit, and if current trends hold, it will be one of the fastest-growing segments coming out of the recession.

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