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April 2013

Close-Up on Technology

Larger, All-Purpose, All-Electric Machines Debut from Milacron
As reported in our Keeping Up section last month, Milacron LLC invited Plastics Technology to its Batavia, Ohio, headquarters for an exclusive preview of its new Elektron line of all-electric injection presses ahead of their official debut at Milacron’s open house Apr. 24-25.

Processor's Edge

CMM Investment Promotes Molder’s Growth
Adding new technology allows molder to expand into tighter-tolerance work.

Know How

Dimensional Stability After Molding: Part 4
In the first three parts of this series we focused on those influences that cause molded parts to get smaller. But there are environmental factors that also cause parts to increase in size over time.

Screw Decompress Before Screw Rotate
Thoughtfully determining when to start screw rotation to build the charge for the next shot can reduce the wear and tear on the screw tip, check valve, and screw motor.

The Limits Of Compression Ratio
Don't rely just on this value during the screw design process.

Starting Up

Borealis Acquires LLDPE & Plastomer Lines From DSM and ExxonMobil
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Austria’s Borealis Group (U.S. office in Port Murray, N.J.) has acquired DEXPlastomers VOF, previously a Dutch 50/50 venture between Royal DSM of the Netherlands and ExxonMobil Chemical Co., Houston.

Cereplast Forms Subsidiary for Algae-Based Bioplastics
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Algaeplast is a new wholly-owned subsidiary of Cereplast, Inc., El Segundo, Calif., a maker of compostable and other biobased compounds.

Dow Plans Multiple Materials Production Units on Gulf Coast
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Several new specialty material production units will be build on the U.S.

Evonik Resumes Full Production of Nylon 12
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Germany’s Evonik Industries (in the U.S., Evonik Degussa Corp., Parsippany, N.J.) has resumed full operation of its reconstructed CDT (cyclododecatriene) feedstock plant at the Marl site, less than a year after it was destroyed by fire and explosion.

First Film Based on Nylon 410
The first films made from EcoPaxx nylon 410 from Royal DSM of the Netherlands (U.S. office in Evansville, Ind.) have been introduced by DSM’s German development partner, MF-Folien, a leading expert in nylon film production.

New Option for No-Dry PET, PLA Sheet
New twin-screw system is based on a conical design.

New Player in Auxiliaries
Ewikon now offering full range of auxiliaries from Main Tech of Italy.

Novel Chill Roll Thwarts Corrosion
Elastomer replaces metal to extend life of unit.

Novel Medical Applications for Copolyesters
One is a surgical instrument that cleans laparoscope lenses in situ during minimally-invasive surgeries—with a handle made of a blend of Eastman’s Ecdel copolyester TPE and its Eastar PETG.

Plenty of News at Upcoming Milacron Open House
Two-day event will feature more than 20 new presses, developments in twin-screw extrusion and structural foam, and technical presentations.

Polyone Sells PVC Resin Business, Forms New Sheet Division
WEB EXCLUSIVE: PolyOne Corp., Cleveland, has agreed to sell its vinyl dispersion, blending, and suspension resin assets to Mexichem, S.A.B., de C.V. of Mexico.

PS Foam Labels Keep the Chill In
Technology to target canned, craft beer and contract labeling companies to start.

Recycled Resin Prices

RPET Prices Come Full Circle
WEB EXCLUSIVE: RPET prices in the first quarter fluctuated but mostly ended up where they started.


Improving Twin-Screw Compounding Of Reinforced Polyolefins
Compounders face a number of processing challenges when incorporating a high loading of low-bulk-density mineral filler into polyolefins. Here are some possible solutions.

Radiation Crosslinking Boosts Nylon Properties
Demand for more robust plastics is creating new opportunities for radiation-crosslinked nylons, including nylon 6 and 66, which can serve as cost-effective alternatives to higher-cost, high-heat thermoplastics. Crosslinked nylons have higher heat resistance than their standard counterparts, along with better physical properties and abrasion resistance. Adapted from a paper presented at SPE ANTEC 2012.

Technology, Creativity, and Fun: The Noble Plastics Recipe
Most people find jobs within companies thatahave an established corporate mission and business culture.

Keeping Up With Technology

MATERIALS: New Engineered PC Sheet for Signs
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Two new engineered PC sheet products specially designed for signage were recently unveiled by Bayer MaterialScience, LLC, Pittsburgh.

MATERIALS: Nylon Grades for Water-Injection Technology
WEB EXCLUSIVE: BASF Engineering Plastics (U.S. office in Wyandotte, Mich.) has two new grades of Ultramid A nylon 66 optimized for water-injection technology (WIT).

Resin Prices

Most Resin Prices Flat or Lower
Prices of three of the four commodity resins appear to be trending flat-to-down; ditto for three of the four “commodity” engineering resins.


Computer Dip to End in 2013
After four straight down years, U.S. production of computers and peripheral equipment will increase by 4% in 2013.

Surf’s Up! Ride the Wave To New Features on PT Site
Now you can surf content by end market.

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