March 2002

Close-Up on Technology

Another Supplier Develops Its Own Portfolio Of Metallocene PE & PP
 In the past two years, a new player has quietly emerged among North American suppliers of metallocene-catalyzed polyolefins.

New Process Makes More Homogeneous PP Homopolymers & Copolymers
 New styles of resin reactors don’t come along very often.

Now Molders Make Their Own GMT Sheet
The latest sign of an upsurge of interest in direct long-fiber compounding by molders of reinforced thermoplastics is a technology that allows molders to produce their own glass-mat thermoplastic (GMT) composite sheet.

Portable CMM Helps Thermoformer Hold Tight Tolerances in Large Parts
Thermoform Plastics Inc. (TPI) in St Paul, Minn., believes it has found a better way to guarantee dimensional accuracy in large parts with complex shapes.

SRIM: Material, Machine & Process Innovations Give Birth to SRIM Truck Box
 Automotive use of high-density structural RIM (HD-SRIM) technology has progressed from its beginnings in bumper beams to full-size pickup-truck boxes and tailgates.

Processor's Edge

Fulfilling a Dream of Moldable Wood
 It smells like wood, looks like wood, and has the same mechanical and chemical properties as wood.

Starting Up

Your Business in Brief - March 2002
ExxonMobil Is Set to Buy All of AESExxonMobil Chemical, Houston, plans to become the sole owner of Advanced Elastomer Systems (AES) in Akron, Ohio, by acquiring Solutia's 50% share in the joint venture.

Your Business Outlook - March 2002
 Mastio & Company's latest blow molding market study forecasts continued strong growth for consumer packaging.


Accident Prone
To a government safety inspector looking for hazardous workplaces, plastics plants stick out like a sore thumb.

Renewable PLA Polymer Gets 'Green Light' For Packaging Uses
 Polylactic acid, first synthesized a half-century ago, has finally arrived as an alternative to PET, HIPS, PVC, and cellulosics in some high-clarity packaging roles.

Stack Molds Take on New Tasks
Conventional stack-mold designs are well known for their ability to outrace the productivity of conventional single-face molds.

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