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August 2013

Close-Up on Technology

Higher Speeds, More Integrated Processes at K Show
“Go faster” and “integrate more functions” look to be the guiding principles of new injection molding developments to be shown by Engel Austria at K 2013 in Dusseldorf this October.

Reifenhauser to Unwrap New Extruder, Other Innovations at K 2013
New machine and novel approaches in blown/cast film, sheet, and wood composites touted.

Processor's Edge

‘Reshoring’ Is Not a Myth
For this molder, 35% to 40% of current sales is new business generated in the past two to three years—and some of that is due to reshoring.

Know How

Level Your Press in an Hour or Less
A level injection molding machine is necessary to keep producing high-quality parts. Here's how to do it right.

Understanding Screw Breakage
You might think you're over-torquing the screw, but more often than not bending is the reason.

Starting Up

Arkema Launches Amorphous & Crystalline PEKK
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Arkema has introduced a comprehensive range of PEKK (poly ether ketone ketone) comprised of three families of high-performance thermoplastics for aerospace, oil exploration, and electronics applications.

Corrugated Pipe-Machine Makers Unite
Adescor builds downstream equipment for corrugated pipe production, and has worked with Unicor for years on numerous projects in North America.

DuPont Plans for Large-Scale Conversion to Biobased Polymers
WEB EXCLUSIVE: DuPont Performance Polymers believes that itcan replace more than half of its current engineering plastics portfolio with biobased versions within the next 15 years.

First Biobased PBT Production Under Way
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Lanxess in Germany recently made a production run of Pocan PBT using 20 metric tons of biobased BDO (1,4-butanediol) made with the commercially-proven process developed by San Diego-based Genomatica.

FKuR Distributes Braskem’s Green PE in U.S. & Canada
WEB EXCLUSIVE: FKuR, a leading compounder of bioplastics compounds for flexible packaging, and global biopolymer leader Braskem have expanded their distribution agreement , with FKuR now the official distribution partner for Braskem’s Green PE in USA and Canada.

Graham Expands Into Sheet with Welex Purchase
Machine building to move to York, Pa.

Growing Molder to Be Negri Bossi ‘Showcase’
MMI has 13 presses now, with the three new ones expected to be running by the fall.

Ineos & Sasol Joint Venture for U.S. HDPE Plant
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Ineos Olefins & Polymers and Sasol North America are building a world-scale HDPE plant that will produce nearly 940 million lb/yr of HDPE using Ineos’ Innovene S bimodal slurry technology by the end of 2015.

Italian Compounder So.F.Ter. Adds U.S. Production
WEB EXCLUSIVE: One of the world’s largest independent engineered thermoplastics compounders, with a strong presence in Europe, Mexico and Brazil, is coming to our shores.

New Film Line Is Quick to Purge
Processor sees color changes in less than 10 minutes.

Novel Biochemicals for Plastics Debut
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Elevance Renewable Sciences and Wilmar International Ltd. have begun shipping commercial quantities of novel biobased specialty chemicals suitable for making specialty nylons, thermoset polyesters, and polyurethanes from their joint-venture biorefinery in Indonesia.

PEEK Chosen for Nuclear Reactor Seals
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Victrex PEEK was selected by EGC Critical Components for a seal system designed to prevent nuclear reactor coolant leaks during an emergency shutdown.

Techmer PM Buys TP Composites
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Color and additives masterbatch supplier Techmer PM, Clinton, Tenn., has expanded its engineering thermoplastics portfolio with the acquisition of custom compounder TP Composites, Ashton, Pa.

Tenere Buys Rapid Prototyper Protogenic
Custom injection molder is another firm adding rapid prototyping to its business offerings.

TPV Used for Robotic Extrusion of Automotive Seal
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Windsor Mold Group (WMG) is using ExxonMobil’s Santoprene TPV to replace EPDM rubber, allowing robotic extrusion of the bulb seal directly onto a PP cowl for Ford’s C-Max hybrid electric vehicle.


A New Look at Evaluating Fill Times For Injection Molding
One of the important process parameters to establish and record for any injection molded part is its injection or fill time. Research research reveals the limitations of popularly taught methods of establishing this critical parameter.

Enterprise Software Solution Smooths Custom Extruder’s Growth
Sometimes an operation can grow too quickly, even beyond its ability to manage the new business. Custom Profile solved this problem by replacing off-the-shelf and home-made enterprise software with one comprehensive package.

Evaluating a Corrugator For Small Tube Applications
Here's a review some of the key variables in the technology and how they impact the process.

Frequently Asked Questions About Purging
This 'FAQ' sections answers common questions about how to choose and use purging agents.

Not Your Father’s Purging Agent
There are two important messages for today’s processors with regard to purging. First, as we near the peak of the “rapid improvement” stage of purging technology, the products now available are not the same old purging compounds of the past. Second, the “low-hanging fruit” has been picked—future technical improvements will likely be incremental and future improvements in productivity will require a shift in focus, toward transition planning and process optimization.

Purging High-Performance Engineering Resins
One of the fastest growing markets for commercial purging compounds is purging high-performance engineering resins. It is also one of the most difficult challenges, since both mechanical and chemical purging compounds have limitations when it comes to heat stability, residence time, flow restrictions, etc.

Keeping Up With Technology

MATERIALS: New Blow Moldable TPV
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Alliance Polymers and Services LLC has introduced its first extrusion blow moldable TPV for automotive, aircraft, and other vehicle parts such as hollow boots, bellows, and ducts.

MATERIALS: PPS Grade for Food Handling
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Ticona’s Fortron FX432T1 PPS now complies with U.S. FDA and EU food-contact regulations, allowing its use for food handling applications such as conveyor systems.

MATERIALS: Renewable Polymer from Agricultural Waste
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Enso Plastics has introduced a renewable starch-based thermoplastic derived from potato farming waste. It can be used alone or blended with PP or PE.

Resin Prices

PE Prices Firming, Others Flat or Lower
Flat to lower prices are projected for PP, PS, and PVC due to lower feedstock prices and better-balanced supply/demand.


Join New Effort to ‘Support Plastics’
Group dedicated to the support and promotion of the plastics industry and American pride.

Medical Output Remains Strong
Hike of 6% expected this year. Growth will continue, albeit at a slower rate, in years to come.

Processing Flattens Out
Exclusive survey shows flat June, mostly due to dip in business among smaller processors.

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