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January 2013

Close-Up on Technology

Liquid CO2 Spot Cooling Gets Into Tight Spots in Molds
Cooling of long, thin cores, fillets, slides, ejectors, or other hard-to-reach spots in injection molds can present difficult challenges.

Processor's Edge

More Effective Mold Maintenance: It’s All About the Data
When tooling issues are shutting down presses daily and you can’t muster the mold maintenance and operating records to figure out why, then like the song says, “Who ya gonna call?” The answer to that question proved crucial to Cosmetic Specialties International (CSI), LLC in Oxnard, Calif.

Know How

Dimensional Stability After Molding: Part 1
The degree to which molded parts shrink as they cool is largely dependent upon the composition of the material being processed.

Maintenance Training? Show Me the Money
Training works best if a goals are set and a plan is established to meet them.

Minimize Screw Recovery & Cycle Times
There are hundreds of details you must identify and control to run a successful molding plant. One that is almost always at the top of the list is optimizing cycle time. Shorter cycles that make acceptable parts improve profits.

Why I Still Like Analog Meters
They may not look as slick as their digital cousins, but I find them more helpful in identifying and troubleshooting extrusion problems.

Starting Up

Altuglas & NatureWorks Collaborate on Biobased Alloys
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Arkema Group’s subsidiary, Altuglas International, King of Prussia, Pa., and NatureWorks LLC, Minnetonka, Minn., have entered a global marketing collaboration to provide a range of high-performance alloys based on PMMA and PLA.

Biobased PHA Enhances PVC Processing & Performance
Metabolix, Inc., Cambridge, Mass., has developed a series of biobased PHA copolymers that act as impact modifiers, flexibilizers, and processing aids for rigid and flexible PVC.

Lots More Choices in PHA Biopolymers
One factor limiting growth of biopolymers has been relatively few sources of supply.

New Division Helps Film/Sheet Processors Boost Production
Macro Engineering & Technology Inc., Mississauga, Ont., has launched a new Technology Division dedicated to helping processors improve their film and sheet extrusion operations through a range of consultation and services.

Pallets, Pellets Use Old Tires as Feedstock
Custom injection and compression molder CTC Plastics, Dayton, Ohio, recently rolled out a line of pallets and will be supplying the resin compounds used to make them as well.

PC/PBT in Larger Shore Power Connector for Boats
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Following the success of it 30-amp SmartPlug system in marine, RV, and EMS vehicle markets, Seattle-based SmartPlug Systems decided to develop a 50-amp version of its shore power connector system.

Reifenhauser Enters U.S. Screw, Barrel Market with Westland Purchase
In a move to give its Reiloy Metall screws and barrels operation a stronger position in North America, Reifenhauser of Troisdorf, Germany, has purchased Westland Corp., Wichita, Kans.

Two-Shot PC Glazing/Spoiler Combo in New Fiat Car
WEB EXCLUSIVE: The new Fiat MPV (multi-purpose vehicle),already launched in Europe and set to debut here early in 2013, has what are said to be the first fixed rear side windows in the U.S. to use two-shot injection compression molding, which allows for the seamless integration of an aerodynamic spoiler.

World’s Largest Window Profile Maker Grows Even Larger
Wuhu Conch Profiles and Science Ltd. in Anhui, China, believed to be the world’s largest processor of vinyl window lineals, is now even more potent.

Recycled Resin Prices

Low Prices Won’t Last
2012 brought lower prices across the board to buyers of recycled materials.


‘Expansion Molding’: New Method For LSR Micro-Molding
X-melt or expansion molding technology was originally developed by Engel to fill thin-wall parts that require extremely fast injection.

Making the Value Connection In Proprietary Molding
“We make components that go into other devices.

Optimize Cooling Water Supply To Reduce Costs
In the last three articles (March, May, Sept. 2012), we introduced the problem of wasted energy in cooling-water systems and presented two types of solutions—minimizing “parasitic” heat gains and raising water temperatures to minimize demand.

Optimize Resin Management in Extrusion Blow Molding
In the EBM process, profits depend greatly on how judiciously you use resin.

Which Winder’s for You?
It's time to apply more science to the process of selecting the right kind of winder for your operation.

Keeping Up With Technology

ADDITIVES: Liquid Colors for Trouble-Free Blow Molding
New liquid vehicle technology from Clariant Masterbatches, Holden, Mass., is designed to eliminate problems that have prevented wider use of liquid color in extrusion blow molding of polyolefins.

AUXILIARIES: Blenders Handle Difficult Scrap
Two new solutions from Conair, Cranberry Township, Pa., are designed for use with its TrueBlend line of blenders to allow feeding thin, flaky regrind without repelletizing.

COMPOUNDING: Recycling & Compounding in One Step
Erema in Austria has a new system that combines recycling and compounding in a single step.

MATERIALS: Clarified PP Grades for Packaging, Housewares, Cups
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Six new clarified PP grades for injection molding, blow molding, and thermoforming are available from Houston-based Phillips 66.

MATERIALS: Clear FR Polycarbonates for Furniture
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Transparent furniture is trendy, sparking increased demand from the furniture industry for transparent materials that are flame-retardant and—depending on the thickness of the material—can satisfy the requirements of the standards DIN 4102 Class B and UNI 9177 Class 1, particularly for use in public buildings.

MATERIALS: Compostable PHA Film Resin with Easier Processing
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Metabolix Inc., Cambridge, Mass., has come out with a new compostable film grade of PHA biopolymer, Mvera B5008, which is certified compostable by European standards.

MATERIALS: First Nylon 6 Powder for SLS Rapid Manufacturing
WEB EXCLUSIVE: What is said to be the first range of nylon 6 powders specifically developed for SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) additive-layer rapid manufacturing of complex parts is now available from Rhodia Engineering Plastics, Cranbury, N.J., a unit of Solvay's Engineering Plastics business (U.S. office in Alpharetta, Ga.). Parts made with Sinterline nylon 6 powders reportedly display heat resistance and stiffness similar to injection molded nylon 6.

MATERIALS: General-Purpose TPVs from New Source
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Alliance Polymers and Services LLC, Romulus, Mich., has launched the first of its new Viprene TPVs.

MATERIALS: Hard TPVs for Medical Applications
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Two new high-hardness grades have been added to the Medalist MD-200 Series of TPVs from Teknor Apex Co., Pawtucket, R.I., extending the already broad durometer range of these high-purity compounds for replacing rubber in medical applications. Previously ranging in Shore A durometer from an ultra-soft 15 to semi-hard 80, the MD-200 Series now includes an 87 Shore A compound, MD-240, and a 43 Shore D grade, MD-245.

RECYCLING: Recycling Systems Enhanced for Higher Output
Starlinger & Co.

Resin Prices

Resin Prices Are on the Way Up
Higher prices are projected for PE, PP, PS, and PVC in this first quarter, driven by tighter availability and/or higher costs of feedstocks.


Fundamentals Are Favorable For Packaging—If…
Assuming policymakers are able to avoid an economic catastrophe, overall demand for plastics packaging will increase in 2013.

Survey Shows 2013 Shaping Up Nicely
Annual capital spending survey shows that processors plan to continue investment in new technology this year.

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