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Starting Up

Your Business in Brief - September 2002
Univ. of Wisconsin Licenses MuCellThe Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison has licensed MuCell microcellular foam technology from Trexel Inc., Woburn, Mass.

Your Business Outlook - September 2002
The state of the economy has little effect on the market for dry-food packaging.


In-Mold Lamination: U.S. Auto Market Is Catching Up
Although more widely used in Europe, in-mold laminating is gaining a foothold in U.S. automotive interiors. Molders can choose from a handful of different process technologies that promise labor and other cost savings.

Need to Know More About Long-Fiber Thermoplastics?
 Here’s your chance to hear first-hand about those Direct Long-Fiber Thermoplastic (D-LFT) technologies that are the buzz of the auto industry in Europe and the U.S.

Close-Up on Technology

Unscrewing Molds Go Electric
 Hydraulics are the usual power source driving unscrewing cores to separate threaded parts from injection tools.

Poly-DCPD RIM Shifts into Higher Gear
 Heavy trucks and farm tractors are giving increased visibility to a RIM material that attracted little publicity for more than a decade.

Water-Blown EPS Will Help You and the Environment
The world’s first water-blown expandable polystyrene bead (WEPS) is in development at Nova Chemicals’ new technology center in Breda, the Netherlands.

Processor's Edge

Seeking Hot Niches for Special Films
When Ajedium Film Group’s ( extrusion machinery arrives this November, the Newark, Del., start-up company plans to make “film structures that don’t exist today, out of any resin that is melt processable at up to 800 F,” says Richard Giacco, majority owner.


Control Flash in Extrusion Blow Molding
Ability to control the adverse effects of flash is critical to success in extrusion blow molding.


Torque & Speed How Much Is Enough?
You may be thinking of buying one of the new ‘high-torque/high-speed’ twin-screw compounders in order to raise your output without going to a larger machine. But how much torque or speed do you really need? Underusing a high-powered extruder wastes investment dollars. So look carefully at what is required for the materials you run.

Biodegradable Polyesters: Packaging Goes Green
The U.S. is catching up with Europe and Asia in exploring the potential of biodegradable polyesters in flexible and rigid packaging. Because of their cost, these resins often find use in blends with other degradable materials.

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