July 1999


Extrusion/Molding Process Turns Scrap into New Car Doors

On the television screen, it looks a lot like two giant tubes squirting out black toothpaste.

Finally, Some Respect

I don't know if you noticed, but the plastics industry is enjoying a particularly fertile period for innovation in design of mixing screws--single screws, that is.

New Software Manages Toolmaking Tasks

With today's mold buyers demanding speedy delivery, lower costs, and endless engineering changes, tool making can be more frustratingly complex than ever.

Pultrusion Starred At SPI Composites Expo

This small but fast-growing processing sector scored most of the prizes for innovative parts, and also accounted for much of the news in equipment and materials.

Rapid Prototyping Advances With New Machines & Materials

Bigger parts, tighter accuracy, and new elastomeric materials are some of the latest advances in rapid-prototyping technology. Applications for the new developments range from basic concept modeling to functional testing to the burgeoning field of rapid tooling.

Single-Screw Compounding Is Learning New Tricks

While twin-screws get most of the glory, a quiet revolution has been taking place in single-screw compounding. In the past six to 12 months, some half-dozen new dispersive mixing elements have gone into commercial production, and more are on the way.

Sort Plastic Scrap Fast By Resin, Color & Additives

Recyclers of mixed plastics waste can detect materials containing flame retardants, heavy-metal additives, and fillers--or they can sort bottles at high rates by color or by polymer--thanks to new technologies unveiled at the second annual Identiplast Conference held recently in Brussels, Belgium. The three-day conference was organized by the Association of Plastics Manufacturers in Europe, the American Plastics Council, (Washington, D.C.), the European Plastics Converters, and the Japanese Plastic Waste Management Institute.

Stretch Tio2

With prices going up and up, and supplies getting snugger, it's time to re-examine the available extender pigments that can make TiO2 go further.

What's Your Production Efficiency?

Follow these simple tips to develop reports that analyze plant efficiency in a more useful way--one that helps you quickly pinpoint production problems.

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